Follow the directions of the payment terminal on the screen. If the payment terminal has accepted the payment card, bank card or cash and asks to begin filling up within five minutes but the fuel does not start running then check:

  • if the nozzle is properly in the tank. If necessary, place the nozzle already in the tank of the car back into its socket for a moment and then back into the tank,
  • have you chosen the correct side of the petrol pump for filling up,
  • have you chosen the fuel by pressing the respective button on the petrol pump by the nozzle (in case you can get several fuel types from one nozzle).

In case of a small amount, check whether the fuel has not already flown into the tank. For that check the amount of litres filled up and sum on the petrol pump. If filling up is still not successful, call the phone number on the payment terminal: you will be helped over the phone.

Alexela has two cards – a Discount Card and a Payment Card.

The Discount Card provides a discount and is not a means of payment and it operates without a PIN number. The Payment Card operates as a means of payment and to use it the PIN number must be known

The second to last marker of the second line of the card shows the type of the fuel:

  • FUEL - all fuels
  • GASOL - petrol
  • DIES - diesel

The last marker in the second line of the card shows the type of goods and services:

  • ALL P - all products, car wash, insurance, trailer hire
  • TBA S - car goods and car wash
  • NO PR - purchasing of all goods is prohibited

To increase the general limit of the company or a specific Payment Card a respective application has to be sent to the email address

Filling up may fail also because of the filling of the daily limit, which by default is €383,45 a day for all payment cards. To change the daily limit, please send an email to the address

An expired Discount Card can be exchanged for a new one in all Alexela’s filling station stores as well as through Alexela’s website by filling in the respective application. The Discount Card will be sent by post to the address noted in the contract within 10 business days. If you exchange a Discount Card at a filling station, then the expired Discount Card has to be shown.

If you have not received the invoice or it has been lost, you can print out the invoice yourself from the self-service environment of our website You can order a repeat invoice by emailing us at We remind you that according to the signed Payment Card contract, the client, who has used the card and has not received the invoice by at least the 10th day of the next month, undertakes to notify Alexela card centre that will then issue a repeat invoice. If the client has not sent Alexela the respective notification by the 15th date the invoice is considered received.

  • Put the filling up nozzle back into its socket in the petrol pump.
  • NB! Do not try to start fixing the filling up nozzle or the safety valve yourself.
  • Call customer support immediately, the number for which you will find on the front panel of the payment terminal of the petrol pump. You will get further directions from the customer support. It is important to notify Alexela immediately (also on the weekend) to avoid later trouble.
  • If it is a manned petrol station and the accident happens during the opening hours of the petrol station then notify the salesperson at the petrol station of it, who will give you further directions.
  • „A Traffic Accident Notification” has to be filled in on-site.
  • The person who caused the damage must inform their insurance company as soon as possible, from where further directions will be given.

Driving away with a nozzle is considered to be a traffic accident (in case of leaving the scene without notifying, the police will start looking for the person, who, according to the Traffic Act, may be fined, arrested or deprived of the right to drive a vehicle. In addition, the insurance will also apply sanctions. For example, the person must pay the insurer for the damage himself. In any case it is cheaper to notify about the situation because thanks to video surveillance all the vehicles that caused an accident can be identified.

Each possible case must be notified even if you think that nothing was damaged (even in case the hose remains intact and the nozzle does not come off the hose may be damaged internally). Notify Alexela also in case you have by accident grazed the petrol pump, a post, a bin or other object in the petrol station. Those cases are considered as traffic accidents as well.

We will usually send the ordered card by registered post to the postal address provided in the contract. If you wish you can get the card from the Alexela office as well (Roseni 11, Tallinn) on working days 8.30–17.00.

A private person can apply for a Payment Card as well. Debit cards are issued to all private persons, getting a credit card depends on the decision of the credit commission. To apply for a Payment Card, fill in the payment card contract, which you will find on our website. Contract with an original signature should be sent by post to the address AS Alexela Oil, Roseni 11, 10111 Tallinn, take it to the nearest manned Alexela petrol station or send digitally signed to the email address

In case it turns out when filling up that the Payment Card does not work, is closed or blocked and you do not know the reason for it, then call Alexela’s card centre on working days 8.30–17.00 on the telephone number 6290 000. If possible, we will quickly find a solution to open the card.

The Payment Card will close if:

  • its daily limit is exceeded (usually it is €383.45 a day if another sum has not been separately agreed);
  • this month’s limit is exceeded;
  • the overall limit of the payment card contract is exceeded;
  • the invoice has not been paid
  • you have asked for the card to be closed yourself;
  • the card has expired.

NB! You can check the balance of the card on-site at a manned petrol station to avoid the situation „fuel in the tank, card closed”.

As of January 26, 2012, the payments made into our bank account will arrive in your account in the card centre already in ten minutes.

For the payment to be received quickly and without failures it is definitely necessary to use the details noted on the invoice, including the number and reference number of the online bank account.

If an online bank account or a correct reference number are not used when making the payment, the payments will not be received automatically and quickly: the payment will be added by hand only on the next working day in the course of checking banks.

On the expiry of the Payment Card it will be checked whether the card has been used within 60 days of the tenth day of the expiration month. We will replace an expiring Payment Card that has been in use automatically. We will send the new card by registered post to the address in the contract. The PIN number of the card will remain the same.

If the card has not been used within 60 days of the tenth day of the expiration month then it does not renew automatically. In that case please send the request for a new card to the email address of the card centre

Each owner of a Payment Card can see information about the running balance of the contract, cards (card numbers, names, validity dates and limits), transactions and invoices in the self-service environment. Messages, orders etc. can also be sent directly to the card centre from there. Notifications sent from the self-service environment will be dealt with as a priority.

Data in the environment is renewed twice a day: at 8.00 and 13.00.

According to the Fiscal Marking of Liquid Fuel Act diesel fuel carrying a fiscal marker can be used

  • in shipping traffic, including in commercial fishing
  • in machinery, tractor and non-road mobile machinery used for agricultural purposes

The current fuel safety data sheets can be found here.