Alexela as a green innovator

We are pioneers of green energy, producing biomethane, a climate-negative fuel based on the principle of circular economy, developing gas terminals and building Energiasalv in Paldiski. The pumped-storage hydropower facility called Energiasalv is essentially a giant battery that solves the challenge of large-scale storage of renewable energy and paves the way for the triumph of clean energy, thus ensuring additional energy security for Estonia.

We are developing a sustainable network of service stations through vigorous creation of biomethane, LNG, electricity and, in the near future, hydrogen filling up facilities. Together with our customers, we have made it a matter of our hearts to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from transport through our Community Program by planting carbon sequestering trees in Estonian forests.

Alexela is an energy department store that provides a unique selection of fuels, electricity, natural gas and cylinder gas, as well as makes the world a better place for customers with high-quality coffee and a refreshing break every time they visit our convenience stores.

We understand that we are a large company that plays an important role both in the Estonian economy and in the lives of the people living here. That is why we support Estonia by promoting culture, sports and charity.

We are making the world a better place. Let's do it together!

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Alexela's green technologies


Strategy and direction

Alexela follows the changes in mobility and customer needs. We produced 85 GWh of biomethane, a climate-negative car fuel, based on the circular economy principle in 2021. In the coming years, we foresee its wider use and the need to multiply the output, as biomethane as car fuel helps reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector. 

  • We reward reuse - hot drinks with your own cup are cheaper at Alexela. 
  • We have created reusable coffee cups with the works of Estonian artists to show that reuse can be truly pleasant. There is sustainability in innovation, so we have created a series of smart digital solutions such as the Alexela app, loyalty campaigns and smart payment solutions in the app. 
  • We have created Rohesärts, an electricity package based on renewable energy that brings green energy to our customers. 


How do we help customers reduce their footprint?


  1. By the end of 2022, we had planted 714,415 trees as part of the Community Program, which will neutralize 430,006 tons of CO2 during their lifetime.

  2. During 2022, we expanded our biomethane refuelling options and sold 65 GWh of biomethane, a climate-negative car fuel, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the transport sector. 

  3. We further developed the production of biomethane from agricultural waste based on the principle of circular economy. Biomethane is a climate-negative fuel: one car running on green gas makes another diesel car carbon neutral in addition to itself.

  4. We expanded our public network of electric chargers and started providing a full electric charger service to private and business customers in order to accelerate the transition to less polluting mobility.  

  5. We started selling our customers the green electricity package "Rohesärts".


Topics in focus

Alexela is an Estonian company that was born together with newly independent Estonia. We operate on the principle of sustainability, which has led us to be among the best in Estonia in our fields of activity. Alexela will become carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest by developing the circular economy, contributing to energy security and initiating projects that actually reduce our carbon footprint.

We are making the world a better place. Let's do it together!

Goal: CO2 neutral by 2030



Development of environmentally friendly refuelling solutions

Alexela has set itself the goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030 at the latest. In order to meet our climate goals, we have set the main focus on the development of environmentally friendly refuelling solutions.

The development of CNG and LNG filling stations allows us to provide 100% renewable biomethane to the market. We are developing economical refuelling solutions for transport companies with our LNG filling stations.

We are installing fast and ultra-fast electric car chargers in service stations and important centres located along the main highways. In addition, we provide electric charging as a full service for private and business customers.

We empower the circular economy

We produce biomethane mainly from agricultural waste, making a great contribution to the development of Estonia's circular economy and the creation of jobs in rural areas.

We empower energy security

We are building a pumped-storage hydropower plant in Paldiski, which will enable us to solve the challenge of storing renewable energy in the future and overcome one of the major obstacles on the way to achieving climate neutrality. The construction of this hydropower-based battery will make up about 7% of the total volume of Estonian infrastructure construction within eight years, creating approximately 700 direct and indirect jobs and bringing tax revenue to the state worth €200 million. Estonian CO2 emissions will decrease by 16 million tons with the operation of the plant.
We build solar parks for Alexela's own use as well as provide solar park establishment services.

We empower communities

We believe that Estonian people and communities have the power to change the world. The world can be most successfully changed when a large number of people do even the smallest righteous deeds. That is why we started Alexela’s Community Program in June 2020, the main project of which - the tree planting program - aims to plant at least one tree for every resident of Estonia with the help of our customers. Such activity allows our customers to significantly reduce their ecological footprint. A tree with a trunk volume of 1 m3 neutralizes 917 kg of carbon dioxide during its lifetime - an amount of CO2 emitted by an average car when it travels about 7,900 km.

We empower culture, sports and charity

Alexela has been awarded the title of Friend of Culture by the Ministry of Culture. We have and continue to empower several cultural and sports organizations.

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Alexela's transition to reusable cups

Single-use plastic products have a significant impact on the environment and human health. The European Strategy for Plastics prioritizes their reduction as it helps to reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on imported fossil fuels.

AS Alexela has set a long-term goal to become carbon neutral within its operations by 2030 at the latest, developing the circular economy, contributing to energy security and initiating projects that reduce the carbon footprint. Among other things, we have set the goal of discontinuing the use of disposable coffee cups by 2030 at the latest.

The company has a strategy to reduce single-use packaging and plastic bags placed on the market, including the following specific measurable goals:

  • Alexela only sells paper bags and reusable bags sewn from used advertising banners.
  • We encourage the use of own cups by means of appropriate invitations, campaigns and cheaper prices;
  • In selected locations, we offer the option of reusable cups when buying hot drinks;

Alexela's advertising visuals no longer show single-use dishes; campaigns focus on reusable dishes. The company cooperates with many organizations, including Pandipakend. In addition, the plan is to develop a code of conduct for cooperation partners and own employees in 2023, and in terms of carbon footprint measurement, the expansion of impact area 3 is planned, helping to involve important parties to achieve our environmental goals.


We are founding members of Rohetiiger (the Green Tiger) and actively participate in various green initiatives, such as creating an energy roadmap and participating in various expert groups.

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