Alexela Smart Trailer

Alexela Haagis is a smart solution for renting trailers.  

How to rent a trailer the smart way?


  1. Download the app “Alexela Haagis” from Google Play or App Store

  2. Create a user account in the Alexela Trailer app and enter your payment card details. Add your My Alexela customer card number to earn Alexela money with every rental. 
  3. Choose a suitable rental point and trailer from the map. Unlock the Bluetooth lock with the app and start the rental. Return the trailer clean.




Why choose a trailer from Alexela?

  • Always open - you can rent a smart trailer and return it 24/7.
  • Convenient - you can plan your trip in advance if you wish. For example, you can choose a trailer in a suitable location from home and reserve it.
  • The first 15 minutes are free when booking/starting the rental.
  • There is a starting fee for the rental and an affordable hourly rate.
  • If needed, you can return the trailer to a different rental point (Note: Limited option. Check locations and trailers in the app).
  • You can add your My Alexela customer card to the Trailer app and earn Alexela money with each rental.

Download the app “Alexela Haagis”  


Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the app even if you are not yet a customer of Alexela. However, as a loyal customer, you collect one digital stamp with every €10 spent for trailer rental. Learn more about Alexela’s loyalty benefits and digital stamps here

Trailer rental is subject to a starting fee and an hourly fee for each started rental hour. When booking a trailer or starting a rental, the first 15 minutes are free, the starting fee is €12,90 and each started hour costs 90 cents. The prices are available in the app.

In order to rent a trailer, you must have Bluetooth enabled on your phone. Your payment card added to the app must have internet payments enabled.

  1. You need a Bluetooth connection to open the lock. Enable it on your phone.
  2. Lift the transparent cover on the lock. Activate the lock by touching the larger round button on it.
  3. The blue light on the button will flash for a moment. This indicates that the lock and your phone are connected via Bluetooth. Tap "Unlock" on your screen.
  4. The lock will open and the lever of the smart pole will move down. If necessary, help push the lever down with your hand. The lock can be opened within 6 seconds.

In most cases, the trailer must be returned to the same location and locked to the same pole. 

But there is the convenient option of renting a trailer from one location and leaving it at another location. For example, you can rent a trailer in Tallinn and return it in Pärnu or Tartu. 

  • Please note that only trailers with a corresponding note in the app can be returned to another location, plus there must be a free smart pole for the trailer at the desired location. 
  • When using the service, a fee of €45 for changing the return point will be added to your rental amount. 
  • Please note that you can use the service of returning the trailer to another location only with smart rental.
  • When renting from a store, the trailer must always be returned to the same location and pole.

Before using the service, please make sure that there is a free smart pole at the desired location. You can check the availability of a free smart pole in real time via the app. To do this, select the trailer from the app that you want to rent and that is allowed to be returned to another location. Before starting the rental, you can check the locations of available smart poles in Estonia on the map. If there is a free pole at your desired location, then:

  1. Choose a trailer that is allowed to change the return point and start the rental
  2. Open the smart pole lock (unlocking is a prerequisite for changing the return point)
  3. Choose a new return point

This way you can be sure that there is a place guaranteed for your rented trailer in the desired location.

If the scratches and defects do not interfere with the use of the trailer, it can be taken as is. However, before renting, you must write down all errors that you identify in the app.

If the trailer breaks down, you must ensure that it is safely parked and immediately notify Alexela’s customer service at +372 629 0000.

First, check if the Bluetooth connection is active on your phone. When you activate the lock with a finger press, watch the flashing blue light. The button to open the lock is activated in the app after connecting to the lock via Bluetooth. See also question: How can I open the trailer lock?

If the smart pole lock does not open or close properly, please inform our customer service at +372 629 0000 as soon as possible. When terminating your trailer rental, please do not leave the trailer unlocked.

A trailer can be rented for a maximum of 30 days.

The trailer must not be taken to a foreign country.

If trailers are not visible on the map at some of the rental locations, they are all rented out at that moment.

You can find trailer rental invoices in the app under Account -> History. It is also possible to download and forward invoices from there.

The interior height of the cargo compartment of the trailer with a tarpaulin cover is 143 cm. 

All trailers are 1.5 m wide and 3 m long. 

The trailer is allowed to carry a load of up to 480 kg. Overloading the trailer is prohibited as it may cause a dangerous traffic situation or break some of the trailer's components. The recommended tyre pressure for the trailer is 3.4 bar.

With plastic cover, tarpaulin cover, or open.