Alexela Haagis is a transportation application, with the assistance of which it is possible to rent for oneself, a suitable trailer, conveniently, quickly and contact free.

How to rent with alexela haagis?


  1. Download the app from Google Play or App Store

  2. Register your Home Car or create new user

  3. Choose your trailer from the map, open the lock with Bluetooth and start the rent. Don't forget to bring the trailer back to the same lock.



  • Peterburi teelt
  • Jüri 
  • Keila 
  • Tõdva 
  • Paldiski
  • Saue
  • Elva
  • Loksa
  • Kose
  • Riispere
  • Aegviidu
  • Tabasalu

The number of hire stations is growing, stay tuned! Payment is made within the app according to the time used.

The trailer application allows you to select from a map, a suitable trailer in the suitable location, book it, as well as unlock the trailer with the smart lock contained in the application. The trailer, once unlocked through the smart device, is worry free ready for use, for the required activities. Return the trailer, after the required activities have been performed and also lock it up, contact free, with the application. The payment takes place internally, within the application, based on the time used.

Why choose Alexela Haagis?

  • Convenient and economical
  • Accessible 24h per day
  • Contact free
  • Booking for 15 minutes is free
  • Payment within the application
  • Possibility to link with the Alexela Home Card, for obtaining a discount

Download from Google Play  

Download from App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Alexela Trailer Hire application even if you are not an Alexela client yet. However, with the Alexela Home Card you receive 5% off the price of the trailer hire.

You receive 5% off the price of hiring the trailer with the Alexela Home Card. In addition, with the Home Card you will have a standing discount of -5 cents per litre on fuel, electricity and natural gas with a 0 margin, and you get -15% off coffee at Alexela convenience stores. Find out more about all the discounts here.

The starting fee for trailer hire is 10 euros, 1 euro for each additional hour, up to 24 euros. If you have had the trailer for 24 hours, each following hour will again cost 1 euro. When you book the trailer ahead of time, the first 15 minutes are free of charge.        

You can hire a trailer for a maximum of 30 days with a one-time hire.

I you can’t see a trailer on the application map, it means all the trailers in that point of hire are already in use.

To unlock the trailer, you first have to turn on your mobile phone Bluetooth function. In the application, choose “Unlock” and then follow the instructions, hold down the button until it turns green. The lock will then open automatically.

Yes, you have to always bring the trailer back to the same location and lock it to the same post, where you unlocked it.

You cannot go abroad with an Alexela trailer.

If the scrapes or damages don’t prevent the trailer from being used, you can hire it. However, before you hire it, you do have to make a note of all the defects that you see before you hire it.

If the trailer breaks, you have to make sure that it is safely parked and immediately notify the Alexela client service at the number +372 629 0000.

If the lock can’t be opened or closed properly, we ask you to please notify our customer service at first opportunity at +372 629 0000. If you are returning a trailer, definitely do not leave the trailer unlocked.

An invoice for the trailer hire will be sent to the e-mail address in your contact information and you can also see it in the application.

Haagist saab rentida isik, kes on alustanud haagise rentimist oma telefoniga viibides haagise kõrval. Enne rentimist tuleb veenduda, et pangas on aktiveeritud internetimaksed.