We offer three types of packages for business customers: exchange-priced packages, fixed-rate packages and universal service. 
To conclude an electricity contract or to change your package, please contact our corporate customer managers by sending a request via the form at the bottom of this page.

It is possible to benefit from cheaper price periods in an exchange-priced package, but you must be prepared for more expensive price periods as well. The package is suitable if you want and can shape your consumption according to the current exchange prices.

Starting from 20 March, Alexela offers a unique monthly variable fixed-price product - Stressless for Business. “Stressless” allows you to benefit from possible low exchange prices while offering a price ceiling with the universal service to protect you against rising costs. The rate changes every month.

If you want more certainty and the rate to be the same every month, then our “Fixed” package is the best for you. A fixed-rate package is suitable if you want to forecast your company's expenses in advance and do not want to take possible price risks.

The prices are shown without VAT.

Electricity packages

  • Fixed-term fixed rate for 6-36 months

  • Not willing to take a price risk

  • The price is calculated personally. Ask for a quote.

  • Exchange rate + margin

  • Chance to win from cheaper hours on the power exchange

  • The price is calculated personally. Ask for a quote.

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