It’s great and beneficial to be a customer of Alexela, as Alexela's new loyalty program makes all types of energy more affordable for you!

Why is it beneficial to be a regular customer of Alexela?


  1.  Alexela’s customers always get a discount on fuel:

     If you register as a regular customer, a litre of fuel will be 3 cents cheaper for you.*
     If you collect five digital stamps, a litre of fuel will be 5 cents cheaper for you.*
    * the discount applies to both gasoline, diesel and gaseous fuels (except LNG)

  2. Permanent discount in convenience stores.

    Delicious hot food, coffee and pastries at Alexela’s cafes/stores 15% off permanently.

  3. We will surprise you with personal special offers and discounts.

    -7 cents per litre. Birthday discount five days before and after your birthday.
    Plus other personal offers!

  4. When consuming, Alexela refers and services collect digital stamps

    You can exchange digital stamps for money or gifts.

Alexela's loyality program calculator allows you to see your benefits in a year or in a month when becoming Alexela's customer. 


How to collect digital stamps?

When you buy electricity, fuel, coffee or hot food from Alexela, you collect Alexela money – digital stamps. You can exchange the collected stamps for Alexela’s products and services.

  • 10 litres of fuel (also kg)
  • 10 euros worth of purchases at Alexela’s cafes/stores 
  • 25 kWh of electric charging in a public charger
  • 1 trailer rental

*Customers buying electricity or natural gas from us receive 5 digital stamps at the end of each month.  Customers with electric car home chargers receive 5 digital stamps at the end of each month.

100 digital stamps = €10 
Exchange the collected digital stamps for money or gifts

Digital stamps collected during one calendar year can be exchanged for gifts or money in Alexela’s app, self-service as well as convenience stores (bring your ID card) until 31 January. If you have collected 100 digital stamps, you can exchange them for money: 10 euros. You can use this money, as you wish, to pay for fuel, for purchases at Alexela’s cafes/stores, for your electricity or gas bills, you can choose gifts from the product range of Alexela’s convenience stores or contribute to our community program instead.

How to become a regular customer of Alexela?


  • On Alexela's website
  • At Alexela’s service stations with your ID card or on a customer board 
  • By downloading Alexela’s mobile app


Log in to Alexela’s self-service.
Alexela’s customers can do good

Regular customers of Alexela can join the community program in which we plant trees in Estonia for you. Let's give more power to Estonian forests! The purpose of the community program is to help reduce the environmental impact of driving and to do good for nature together.

Join the community

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of “My Alexela” are available here.