We have electricity packages with different price types available for household consumers. There are two types of electricity packages: exchange price and fixed price packages. See the conditions of both and choose the best one for you.

The power exchange price package allows you to benefit from cheaper price periods, but you must be prepared for more expensive price periods as well. The package is suitable if you want and can shape your consumption according to the current exchange prices.

Alexela has been offering a unique monthly changing fixed price package called Stressless since March 2023. It allows you to benefit from possible low exchange rates while offering a price ceiling with the universal service to protect you against rising costs. 

If you want more certainty and the rate to be the same for a longer period, then our fixed-rate package is the best for you. The package is suitable for you if you want to forecast your expenses in advance and do not want to take a possible price risk. The prices are shown with VAT in the package selection.

Package selection

Ühisarve võimalus
I want a joint invoice
  • Fixed price (different rates for day and night)

  • 6-month pricing period

  • Without a cancellation fee

Daytime rate 13,5 c/kWh
Nighttime rate 12,5 c/kWh
Monthly fee 1,99 €
  • Fixed price for a period

  • Contract period 12-36 months

  • Long-term assurance

Daytime rate 13 c/kWh
Nighttime rate 9,5 c/kWh
Monthly fee 1,00 €
  • Exchange rate + zero margin

  • The rate changes every hour

  • You can schedule your electricity consumption during cheaper hours

Last month's average exchange rate 11,19 s/kWh
Monthly fee 4,99 €
  • Exchange rate + margin

  • Open-ended contract

  • You control your own consumption

Margin 0,45 c/kWh
Last month's average exchange rate 11,19 s/kWh
Monthly fee 1,99 €

Would you like to know exactly how much you'll save with Alexela's Stressless electricity package? Try the electricity price calculator!


Choose renewable energy from Alexela

"Rohesärts" green energy is an additional electricity consumption service based on Alexela's renewable energy.

  • You can activate the service in self-service