Alexela’s Stressless package is suitable for you if you value the stability of the universal service and do not want to take a budgetary risk with the changing prices of the power exchange. This package is always cheaper than the universal service or at the same rate. The rate consists of the base price (universal service price) plus Alexela's margin and monthly fee. The universal service price ceiling will be valid until 30 April 2026, unless the legislator decides to change the term. After the mentioned date, the package will have no price ceiling. 


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Price certainty is guaranteed with the Stressless package - you don't have to take risks or monitor the prices on a daily basis. Depending on the current market situation, we confirm the following month's rate on the 20th day of the previous calendar month and publish it on our website. The Stressless package is flexible and open-ended, it is possible to exit it with prior notice at any time for free. It is not possible to change the package retroactively, the start date of the package can always be the first day of the calendar month.

The standard terms and conditions can be found here
Alexela publishes the next month's rate by the 20th day of the current month and displays it on its website. No notifications will be sent. If you wish, you can track the prices here: 

Period Price
April 2023

12,00 s/kWh + margin 0,70 s/kWh + monthly fee 1,99 €

March 2023

14,28 s/kWh + margin 0,70 s/kWh + monthly fee 1,99 €

* prices include VAT


Is the contract open-ended or fixed-term?  
The contract is open-ended  

How does the rate change in the Sressless package?  
The rate changes monthly; Alexela publishes the rate for the next month on its website by the 20th of the current month. The rate consists of the base price, margin and monthly fee The rate in the Stressless package is always cheaper than the price of the Universal Service or equal to it. 

Who can take the Stressless package?  
Household consumers and apartment associations can subscribe to the Stressless package.  

Can I get a joint bill with Elektrilevi in the Stressless package?  
Apartment cooperatives cannot choose a joint account with Elektrilevi billing 

How and how quickly can a customer of Alexela subscribe to the Stressless package?
The fastest and easiest way to change a package is via Alexela’s self-service. The start date of a package can always be the first day of a calendar month.  

Are there costs associated with exiting the contract?  
Exiting the contract is free.  

How much does a package switch to Stressless cost?   
Free in self-service, 2€ through customer service  

Is it possible for electricity producers to subscribe to the Stressless package?  
Electricity producers can subscribe to the Stressless package for the purchase of electricity. The terms of electricity buyback are agreed separately; the standard terms and conditions apply to producers.

Does the Stressless package include compensation measures by the state?

Yes, the compensation measures are included in the Stressless package. From 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023, a compensation of 50 €/MWh or 5 c/kWh (excluding VAT) will apply for the price of electricity consumed, provided that the consumer pays at least 80 €/MWh or 8 c/kWh (excluding VAT) for it. You can learn more about the energy compensation on the website of MoEAaC.