All the motor fuels sold at Alexela are biomass free.

The quality of the fuel and services is very important to Alexela and these criteria are also essential when choosing the suppliers. All fuel sold by Alexela is supplied by Europe's best refineries and is in accordance with standards set by the Republic of Estonia and the EU.

Honestly paid taxes

Alexela has joined the Honest Fuel campaign. All Alexela filling stations have stickers, which assure the consumer that Alexela has and will conduct an honest business and will pay the government all taxes. As a consumer you can be sure that you are buying fuel from a company that fulfils its duties to the government and the society.

Fuel price

It is often unclear to consumers what the fuel price consists of. The price of Alexela’s fuels consists of the following factors:

  • the price of petrol and diesel fuel on the world market. The price is determined by the relationship of offer and demand. The price of petrol and diesel fuel is in daily change on the world market. Alexela buys fuel on the basis of Platt’s European Marketscan quotation;
  • the exchange rate of the US dollar and the euro;
  • national taxes;
  • competition on the local fuel market
  • fuel price can be divided proportionally as follows:
    • 35% direct cost of fuel (cannot be influenced by the retailer of the fuel)
    • 60% taxes (VAT, excise tax, liquid fuel stockpiling fee)
    • an average of 5% fuel retailer mark-up.

LPG is an environmentally sustainable and affordable car fuel, with which you would save up to 45% of fuel on the kilometres driven!
CNG is the cheapest available car fuel, which, in comparison to petrol, saves up to 60% of fuel.
BCNG (biomethane)
As of 2019, all Alexela CNG filling stations fill up 100% Estonian origin biomethane.
Pure Gold – 98-Octane Petrol
High octane and additive-enriched, biocomponent free honest car fuel. Improved to perfection. Pure gold. Pure power. For honourable drivers.
95-Octane Petrol
As of May 01, 2018, when Estonia implemented the requirement to add biocomponents, all 95-octane petrol sold must contain approximately 4,7% of ethanol.
Diesel fuel
As of May 01, 2018, when Estonia implemented the obligation to add biofuel, all sold diesel fuel must contain approximately 3,4% of biodiesel.
Diesel fuel carrying a fiscal marker
The use of diesel fuel carrying a fiscal marker is regulated by Fiscal Marking of Liquid Fuel Act, due to its lower excise tax rate.
LNG or liquified natural gas is clean and inexpensive fuel suitable for heavy-duty vehicles and vessels.
Alexela offers simple and understandable solutions to buy electricity. See our energy packages and find the perfect solution for your family!
AdBlue is a catalytic reduction system meant for vehicles; it is safe, odourless, colourless and stable liquid. The quality of AdBlue is guaranteed, it corresponds to the standard DIN 70070. AdBlue contains 32,5% of carbamide derived from natural gas, which is dissolved in distilled water.
Fuel Taxi
Alexela’s Fuel Taxi will deliver diesel fuel conveniently to private house owners and companies. In the choice of the vehicle of the Fuel Taxi we have been guided by the special needs of customers owning private houses: thanks to its small size and long hose the vehicle can service also in narrower and more difficult conditions.