“Insect drive-in” at Alexela’s service stations

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a 5-year pilot project in our 20 service stations across Estonia with the aim of mapping the potential of green areas accompanying the service stations owned by Alexela (in 2022). The longer-term goal of our biodiversity-supporting “insect drive-in” project is to mitigate our footprint and contribute to the overall ecosystem functioning. Our biodiversity and “insect drive-in” project was expanded to all service stations in 2023.



Our biodiversity and “insect drive-in” project seeks to support a wider promotion of biodiversity and an approach that favours natural diversity in society in general. As Alexela is a first-line service provider, our stations have high traffic, providing us with a good access to the audience. This, in turn, makes it possible to become more aware of the modern, environmentally sustainable approach that favours the spread of species even over smaller green areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Biodiversity has various levels, expressed in genetic, species, material, functional and habitat diversity.
Since there are no straight lines in nature, we try to follow nature's patterns in our activities.
The purpose of our biodiversity project is to reduce the impact of the ecological footprint that inevitably accompanies our business activities;
To contribute to the diversification of the local living environment by encouraging the creation of a richer and better natural environment through simple techniques;
We create new values, we make the world better for the species we care about.
We wish to empower ecosystem diversification!
We empower biodiversity.

Alexela opens its “drive-in” service stations for insects and no longer mows the lawns.
The project will last approximately 5 years, or permanently, if successful.

The first year of our pilot project included 20 service stations of Alexela to identify and improve the richness of species in green areas. The service stations included in the pilot were: Laeva, Põltsamaa, Riiamäe, Riisipere, Tõrva, Peterburi tee 77, Väo, Jüri, Jüri Põrguvälja, Kuusalu, Orissaare, Jõhvi, Harutee, Otepää, Saku, Haapsalu, Karksi-Nuia, Rannarootsi, Muhu Liiva and Halinga.
In 2023 we expanded to all Alexela’s service stations throughout Estonia.

We mow green areas up to twice a year. This allows different plant communities stored in the soil to emerge better and offers more favourable and safer living conditions for insects.
All service stations understandably have safety requirements for mowing.