All small and big electricity producers are welcome to join Alexela. Electricity production ensures fixed price of electricity for years, helps to save on company´s and home expenses and significantly reduces the ecological footprint of a production or a household. We offer electricity packages with exchange and fixed prices. Several renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, windmills, heat and power plants and hy-droelectric power plants that operate on biomass are suitable for Estonian conditions.

Are you an electricity producer?

If you produce electricity yourself with solar panels or in some other way and want to sell it back to the distribution network, it is necessary to conclude an electricity sales agreement in addition to the electricity consumption agreement.  


When you produce energy, the produced energy is first used locally at your place of consumption. If there is a lack of production amount, you buy more electricity from the energy seller. However, if you produce more than you can consume, you sell the remaining amount back to the market.

In order to sell the produced electricity back to the network, it is necessary to conclude a separate producer agreement in addition to the consumption agreement. Already a producer today? Let us know here.

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Important to know


  • Before concluding a sales agreement with an energy seller, a network agreement must be concluded with the network company for the sale of electricity produced and electricity meter has to be installed in order to meter the production amount.
  • An electricity sales agreement for selling energy back to the network can only be concluded with the same energy seller with whom the electricity consumption agreement is also concluded. 
  • A producer contract is not automatically created when supplying electricity to the network. If you supply electricity to the network without a purchase agreement, you will not be paid for it. 
  • It is important to remember that upon termination of the electricity consumption agreement with the energy seller, the purchase agreement also ends automatically


How do we bill?

The amounts and sums of consumption and production are reflected in the monthly energy bill. There is an automatic settlement of consumed and produced electricity.
If the amount of electricity produced by you is greater than the amount of electricity consumed, the difference between purchase and sale remains as an advance payment. If you wish, you can fill an application so we will transfer the advance payment to your bank account. However, it is not possible to offset the difference between the purchase and sale with other services we offer.

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