You can conclude an electricity agreement by phone or via e-service. In order to conclude the agreement by phone, please contact our customer support at 629 0000 (on working days 9.00-17.00). In order to conclude the agreement via e-service, please log in by pushing the upper right button of our homepage.

The agreement will enter into force from the moment it is concluded i.e. signed. We will start to sell you electricity from the beginning of the sales period (delivery date) written in the agreement.

All our agreements for private customers are concluded for an indefinite period.

If you move, you will have to terminate your network agreement. The electricity agreement will end automatically at the same time as the network agreement. You don’t have to notify us about the termination of the agreement.

You can terminate the agreement regardless of the reasons, by notifying us in writing by email or regular mail or by telephone at least one month in advance. The electricity agreement always ends at the last day of the month. After the network agreement is terminated, the electricity agreement will be terminated on the same day.

After termination of the agreement, you will start purchasing electricity from your network operator as a universal service, if you have not signed an electricity contract with any other electricity seller and if you have a valid network contract.

Your bill will be issued a month that follows the billing period. Please contact us by email or telephone by 10th day of the month following the consumption period at the latest, if you haven’t received the bill. Otherwise, we will assume that you have received the bill.

We do not issue bills, if the amount is less than 2 Euros. The amount will be added to the bill of the following month.

The bill will be sent to you by email or post free of charge. You can also see your bill at the e-service.

The way how will you receive your bill is indicated in the agreement.

The bill will be issued to you for the electricity consumed at the places of consumption specified in the agreement.

If you have chosen an electricity package in which a bill for electricity network services from Elektrilevi is included, then you will receive a bill for the used electricity, network, electricity excise and the renewable energy charge.

If you have selected additional services, for example, “Aitan Lapsi” donation or joint bill with Eesti Keskkonnateenused AS, then your bill will include these as well.

You can pay your bill at the internet bank and bank office, by signing an e-bill fixed payment agreement (if you have selected e-bill as the way of receiving bills) or make a regular bank transfer.

If you are a Swedbank’s customer, you can sign the e-bill fixed payment agreement by calling our customer support 629 0000 (on working days 9.00-17.00) or writing us an email at

If you order an e-bill and sign the e-bill fixed payment agreement, the bank will make an automatic bank transfer based on the data of received bill. You just have to make sure that you have a necessary amount of monetary means on the bank account and the month limit is set high enough to pay the bill.

An e-bill fixed payment agreement can be signed at the internet bank or at the bank office (take your electricity agreement signed with Alexela Energia or a bill with you or write down a reference number). If you are a Swedbank’s customer, you can sign the e-bill fixed payment agreement by calling our customer support 629 0000 (on working days 9.00-17.00) or writing us an email at

We will send you a notification, if the bill remains unpaid after the deadline. If the bill will still be unpaid, a fine for delay in an amount of 0,065%  of the overdue amount will be calculated for each day of delay and another notification will be sent to you. In case the bill remains unpaid for two months, we will send you a notification about termination of the agreement and, if you still will not react to it, the agreement will be terminated.

If you have a debt, pay it as soon as possible or let us know when you can pay it. In case of any questions, please contact our customer support 629 0000 (on working days 9.00-17.00) or email us at

A network operator is sending us corrections of the consumption data. If it was necessary to correct a bill, then the consumption data was not transmitted correctly. After receiving a correction from a network operator, we will add it to the next bill.

If a remotely operated meter has been installed to your place of consumption, that is capable of measuring and transmitting consumption data hourly, you don’t need to report your reading to the network operator.

If there is no power, contact your network operator.

Major network operators in Estonia are:

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