What is the Smart Electricity service?

Smart Electricity is a virtual power plant that helps to smartly manage home electricity consumption, production, and storage, allowing you to save on energy costs and market prices.

The virtual power plant manages production solutions in a way that takes into account your consumption, production forecast, and market price with the aim to buy electricity at a lower price and sell at a higher price.

Alexela offers you convenience, simplicity, and assistance in saving energy. And this is completely FREE for Alexela contractual customers! 

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Who is the service for?

The service is intended for Alexela private customers who have electricity production at the consumption point along with an electricity storage solution. 

To receive the service, all of the following conditions must be met: 

  • Alexela electricity contract with production. To use the service, both production and consumption must be in the Market Price package.
  • Domestic production plant (solar panels, wind turbine, etc.), up to 50kW (up to 63A) 
  • The production plant also uses batteries, i.e. energy storage is taking place.

What is the service price?

The service is FREE for you if you are an Alexela contractual customer. There is no need to purchase additional equipment to use the service.

How can I order the service?

The Smart Electricity service is consumption-based, and the service must be activated separately for each consumption point. 

To order the service, please select the category you belong to from the list below:


You can get started with Smart Electricity right away! 

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We recommend that you consult with your solar park installer to determine which battery solution would be best suited for your inverter.

Smart electricity service requires the presence of a Market Price electricity package. The Market Price electricity package comes with price fluctuations that smart electricity can effectively manage, allowing the purchase of electricity at lower prices and the sale at higher prices.

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Alexela contractual customers can use the Smart Electricity service for FREE. 

  • To use the service, please first join the Alexela customer program. 
  • Next, conclude an Alexela market price electricity contract.
  • Then please contact us at the email address vpp@alexela.ee 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! In order to use the Smart Electricity service, you must have an Alexela market package and a production contract.

With a fixed electricity package, you will not benefit from managing the solar plant.

Yes, Smart Electricity learns your consumption habits. It is also possible to temporarily stop Smart Electricity. Smart Electricity also operates in a learning phase, but consumption-related parameters become more accurate and personalised.

The Smart Electricity platform may take about two to three weeks on average to learn your consumption pattern. 

Smart Electricity will not be reflected in your bill. Your cost savings will be visible in the Alexela app.

You can access the platform with Smart ID, ID card, and Mobile ID.

Smart Electricity does not require additional investments and helps to shorten the payback period for investments made in production equipment. 

Your financial gain depends on various factors: consumption, production, storage. In addition, the financial gain is influenced by equipment configuration and seasonal production specifics: for example, the yield is lower in winter and higher in summer. Taking all these variables into account, the financial gain can be about 5% in the winter period and up to 30% in the summer.

Alexela takes into account your consumption habits as a customer. 

The Smart Electricity service is FREE for solar power plants up to 50 KW. 

Alexela's interest lies in providing all energy services from one place to our customers. Our goal is to offer you as a customer better service.

Alexela is currently developing a complete solution - you will soon be able to order a complete package from us: solar power plant + battery + Smart Electricity. 

The charging and discharging of batteries does not occur more than twice a day, which is a standard parameter for most battery types.

Smart Electricity does not set the inverter but manages the devices without changing the settings.

Additional devices are only needed if the existing device set does not allow device management.

It is advisable to choose a two-tariff package so that you can use cheaper charging at night!

The network package and production capacity limit can be found in your electricity network company's network contract.

Elektrilevi's network package and production capacity limit can be found in Elektrilevi's self-service under the network contracts and packages page. By activating the consumption location address, all contract details are revealed, or by downloading the electricity producer's contract PDF, which has all necessary data available from a single document.

For other electricity network companies, seek advice from their customer service for finding the relevant data.