Universal service is a government-created opportunity to buy electricity at a regulated price in order to offer Estonian household consumers a price reduction for high electricity prices. The price of the universal service is fixed on a monthly basis and is not affected by the prices of the electricity exchange. Universal service is the most expensive electricity package on the market today, so if you are using this service, we recommend you to choose a new electricity package. 

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Hind s/kWh

2024 January

The price of the universal service is

19.51 s/kWh + monthly fee of €2.02 (includes VAT )


Frequently asked Questions

The price of the universal service will be determined by the end of September.
The producer price (variable costs and profitability), which is the basis of the price of electricity sold under universal service, will be coordinated by the Competition Authority. The universal service price consists of the agreed production price plus electricity seller's margin.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has provided electricity sellers with instructions on how to calculate the price of a home consumer's existing package against the price of a universal service in order to clarify the need for automatic transfer.

In the case of the stock market package, the average stock market price of the last two months is taken into account in the comparison.
In the case of a fixed price package, the average price of the day and night price of the package is considered.

If the input prices of electricity production rise significantly, a price change in the universal service will not be out of the question. A new price will come into effect if the Competition Authority considers the change to be justified, i.e. if it becomes unprofitable for electricity producers to produce electricity within universal service.

The universal service sells electricity to household consumers and to persons supplying them, such as apartment associations, administrative companies, local government units (social apartments), as well as non-profit organizations to the extent that is needed to supply an apartment, cottage, garage or private house.
Business consumers cannot buy electricity under universal service if they don’t transmit it household consumers.

Yes, small producers can join the universal service. The conditions for selling back the energy produced by you will be additionally agreed upon. Existing customers of Alexela will receive an informative letter upon the entry into force of the universal service, outlining the conditions for selling their produced energy.
Small producers whose currently valid price in the consumption contract is higher than the price of the universal service will be transferred to universal service.

The universal service is meant for household consumers only. If a household consumer receives their electricity from an administrative company, the latter can buy electricity for this consumer from its seller at the universal service price only to the extent that is used in this household. If a business consumer uses electricity at the universal service price for own use, such as in a bakery or other point of consumption not intended for household consumption, the consumer must compensate for the damage caused to the seller and electricity producer by their actions.

The state can regulate the price of electricity only temporarily, which is why the universal service is being established until the end of April 2026. If the state does not extend the term of universal service by then, it will end at the end of April 2026, after which consumers must choose a new package. Alexela will inform its customers 30 days in advance about the possible options.

Electricity at the universal service price can be used from 1 October 2022. This is not an obligation for household consumers, but an opportunity. Household consumers can buy electricity at the universal service price directly from an electricity seller who provides the service. Universal service can be used at any seller that provides the service.

Alexela's goal is to support its customers and provide them with favourable choices during this period of rapid change. Those customers whose current price is higher than the universal service price will be automatically transferred to the universal service. If you do not wish to join the universal service, please inform Alexela of your decision at least two days before the price of the universal service comes into effect.

Customers whose current electricity price is better than the universal service price will continue with their existing contracts. However, these customers can still choose the universal service themselves. The most convenient way to do this is via self-service.

We will send personal notification letters to all customers with information about their electricity contracts. 


An electricity retailer selling electricity directly to a household consumer can buy the universal service directly from a producer. However, if the person mediating electricity to household consumers is not an electricity seller but an administrative company, a non-profit association or a horticultural cooperative, etc., then they must contact an electricity seller in order to sell electricity to their household consumers at the universal service price.

When switching to a universal service package, your old electricity package ceases to be valid.

Yes, Alexela's product range will continue to include exchange- and fixed-price packages in addition to universal service, among which customers can choose the most suitable one.

Yes, universal service packages can be switched at any time. Exiting the universal service will not be accompanied by a fine.

If a household consumer currently using a fixed-term electricity package joins the universal service, Alexela will not charge them the penalty stipulated in the permanent package contract for early termination. This rule is valid until 30 September 2023 when switching to universal service. However, if you change your package to universal service several times during this period, it may result in a penalty for early cancellation



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