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Electricity and natural gas

Do you have questions about electricity and natural gas contracts and bills? 

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Charging electric cars

Something happened while charging or do you want information about charging electric cars? 

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Alexela customer cards

Do you have questions about Alexela Payment Card or My Alexela customer card? 

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Smart Trailer

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Safety, Malfunctions and Accidents During Refueling

If you notice a gas or fuel leak at the gas station, if possible, press the emergency button and stop the fuel flow by turning off the tank valves. If that doesn't work, move away from the leak to a safe distance and call 112.

  • Put the refueling nozzle back in its holder and make sure the hose is not blocking the way.
    NB! Do not attempt to repair the refueling nozzle or the safety valve yourself.
  • Immediately call customer support at +372 603 311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00) or send the information to 
    It is important to inform Alexela (even on weekends) to avoid later complications.
  • If it is a manned gas station and it happens during the gas station's opening hours, then inform the seller at the gas station, who will provide further instructions.
  • A "Notice of a traffic accident" must be completed on-site.
  • The party causing the damage must report the incident to their car insurance company as soon as possible, which will provide further instructions.

    If you drive away with the nozzle, it is considered a traffic accident (leaving the scene without reporting will prompt the police to search for the person, who may be fined, arrested, or have their driving license revoked under the Traffic Act. Additionally, the insurance company will impose sanctions. For example, the customer will have to pay for the damage themselves. In any case, it is cheaper to report the incident, as all vehicles causing the accident can be identified thanks to video surveillance.

    Every possible incident must be reported, even if it seems like nothing happened (even if the hose remains intact and the nozzle does not come off, as the hose may be internally damaged). Inform Alexela even if you accidentally grazed a refueling nozzle, a post, a trash can, or any other object in the gas station with your car. Such incidents are also considered traffic accidents.

Follow the instructions on the payment terminal screen. If the payment terminal has accepted the payment card, debit card, or cash and asks to start refueling within 5 minutes, but the fuel does not start flowing, make sure:

  • the nozzle is properly in the tank. If necessary, briefly return the nozzle to its holder in the car tank and then back to the tank
  • you have selected the correct side for refueling
  • you have selected the fuel by pressing the corresponding button at the refueling station (if one nozzle can dispense multiple fuel brands)

For a small amount of fuel, check if the fuel has already flowed into the tank. To do this, check the amount of liters and the sum on the refueling station. If you still cannot refuel, call the phone number on the payment terminal and you will be assisted over the phone.

According to the Special Marking of Liquid Fuels Act, special marked diesel fuel may be used for:

  • commercial fishing in maritime traffic
  • agricultural machinery, tractors, and self-propelled machines used in agriculture
  • The E85 fuel offered by Alexela is suitable for all flex fuel vehicles (FFV) marked by the car manufacturer and for gasoline-powered cars with the appropriate ethanol adjustment, e.g., racing and hobby vehicles.
  • Using this fuel in a diesel engine has the same consequences as with any gasoline. Using this fuel in a regular gasoline engine can cause various consequences, starting from poor cold starts, uneven engine operation, to melting hoses, seals, and other soft materials.
  • If you accidentally refuel with this fuel, it is advisable not to drive the car, but to contact a car service where the fuel system will be cleaned.
  • A suitable canister for E85 fuel is required for refueling.
  • Do not refuel into a canister if it is in the car. It must be taken out of the car.
  • NB! Before refueling, make sure that the vehicle to be refueled is capable of using E85 fuel.

This information sheet provides information for the public about the activities of AS Alexela gas base, the resulting hazards, safety measures, and possible accident prevention.
See more (PDF file) →

The valid safety data sheets for fuels are located here.



If you have encountered a situation during refueling where you did not receive the promised fuel discount, you can submit a refund request here.

If you have encountered a situation during refueling where you have paid more than you were able to refuel, you can submit a refund request here.

If at the end of refueling the fuel dispenser has not issued a receipt to you or you have lost the receipt, you can find it in the self-service of the website by selecting Services - Transactions or order a duplicate receipt from us here.

It may take up to 30 minutes for the money reservation to be released. If this has not happened, then contact your bank to request the release of the reservation.



Electricity and natural gas

You can find information about Alexela electricity packages here

You can find more information about Alexela natural gas packages here



You can sign an electricity contract by phone or in the e-service. To sign a contract by the phone, call our customer service at +372 629 0000 (on business days from 8:00 to 18:00), for business customers at +372 626 2777 (on business days from 9:00 to 17:00). To sign a contract in the e-service, log in to the e-service via the button in the upper right corner of the page.


The contract comes into effect from the moment of its conclusion or signing. We will start selling electricity to you from the beginning of the sales period (delivery day) specified in the contract.

Alexela contracts can be both fixed-term and open-ended.

If you move, you must terminate the network contract signed with the network operator. Our electricity supply contract will automatically terminate together with the network contract. There is no need to separately inform us about the termination of the contract.

You can terminate the contract for any reason by informing us in writing by email or regular mail or by phone at least one month in advance. The electricity supply contract always terminates on the last day of the month. If you have terminated the network contract, the electricity supply contract will terminate on the same day.
After the termination of the contract, you will start purchasing electricity from your network operator under the general service if you have not signed a new electricity contract with another electricity seller and if you have a valid network contract.



We will send you an invoice for the billing period in the following calendar month. Please inform us by email or phone by the 12th day of the month following consumption if you have not received the invoice. Otherwise, we assume that you have received the invoice.
In any case, invoices are issued, and for invoices under €2, no late fees are charged if the invoice is unpaid on time. 

We will send the invoice to you by email, regular mail, or e-invoice to your chosen bank. The invoice is also available for free in our internet self-service environment (e-service).
The method of transmitting the invoice chosen by you and/or notifying about the invoice is specified in the contract.

We will send you an invoice for the electricity consumed at the consumption points agreed upon in the contract.
If you have chosen an electricity package with the Elektrilevi network service invoice, we will issue an invoice for the consumed electricity, network service, electricity excise duty, and renewable energy fee.

The invoice can be paid via internet banking and at the bank office, by concluding an e-invoice standing order agreement at the bank (if the method of transmitting the invoice is e-invoice) or by a regular bank transfer.

If you order an e-invoice and conclude an e-invoice standing order agreement, the bank will make the necessary transfer automatically based on the e-invoice sent to you. You just need to ensure that the necessary amount is available in the settlement account on time and the credit limit is sufficient.
An e-invoice standing order agreement can be concluded in the internet bank or at the bank office (bring along the Alexela contract or invoice or write down the reference number).

If the invoice remains unpaid, we will send a reminder. If the invoice is still unpaid, we will start calculating a late fee of 0.065% per day on the unpaid amount by the due date and remind once again that the invoice is unpaid. If the invoices for two months remain unpaid and the deadline has passed, we will send a notice of termination of the contract, and if there is no response, we will terminate the contract.
If you have incurred a debt, please pay it at the earliest opportunity or let us know when you can pay it. For any questions, contact customer service at +372 629 0000 (weekdays from 8:00-18:00) or write to

The network operator sends us the consumption data correction. If a correction has been made, the consumption data has not been transmitted correctly. After receiving the correction from the network operator, we will add it to the invoice for the following month.



If you have a remotely readable flow meter installed, which is capable of measuring and transmitting consumption data on an hourly basis, then you do not need to send the data to the network operator yourself.

The daytime electricity rate applies from Monday to Friday (except national holidays) from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. The nighttime electricity rate applies from Monday to Friday (except national holidays) from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, and all day on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

Yes, Alexela's exchange package calculates prices on an hourly basis.



Charging Electric Cars


Evenings, Errors and Accidents During Loading

NB! In case of a dangerous situation, please move away from the danger and call 112 immediately! 

In case of damage or malfunction, please inform Alexela customer service +372 603 311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00) or by email

If it is an Alexela gas station and you notice damage during the gas station's opening hours, please also inform the cashier at the gas station.

In the case of a charger located at a hotel or spa, please inform the hotel or spa staff.

Please inform Alexela customer service immediately +372 603 311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00) or by email

It is important to inform Alexela immediately (also on weekends) to avoid later complications.

If it is an Alexela gas station and it happens during the gas station's opening hours, inform the cashier at the gas station, who will provide further instructions.

The reasons can be different. The most common reasons are:

  • The payment method is expired, closed, or does not have enough available funds.
  • When paying with a bank card in the app or online, check that internet payments are allowed on the card.
  • When using a payment card, please make sure in the self-service environment that the payment card is activated and has available funds.
  • The charger cannot establish a proper connection with the car. Remove the charging cable from the car and try to start charging again. In winter, check that no snow or ice has entered the car's charging socket or the charging cable plug.
  • Gently press the charging nozzle towards the car if the car cannot lock the charging nozzle.
  • When starting with the app, there may be a problem with mobile internet on the smartphone or an outdated app version is in use.
  • The charger has a technical malfunction. Please report the issue to Alexela customer support +372 603 311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00) or

There can be several reasons:

  • For semi-fast chargers up to 22kW, charging can be stopped by locking and unlocking the car doors from the car's key fob.
  • For some cars, charging can be stopped from the app or the car's screen.
  • Charging started from a bank card payment terminal can be stopped by swiping or inserting the bank card in the same terminal.
  • When stopping from the app, there may be a problem with mobile internet on the smartphone.
  • The charger may have an issue with the internet connection. Usually, the connection is restored within a few minutes.
  • Many electric cars allow you to select the maximum battery charge level from the car settings, and when that level is reached, the charging stops.

If the charging has ended but the transaction has not:

  • Make sure that the charging nozzle has been removed from the car and placed back in the charger holder.
  • When starting the charging from the app, make sure that the smartphone has an internet connection.
  • In other cases, report the issue to +372 603 311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00) or

For CCS and Type 2 nozzles, the charging nozzle is locked by the car.

Do the following:

  • Make sure that the charging has ended.
  • Lock and unlock the car doors from the car's key fob. For different car models, the release button for the charging nozzle may also be located near the charging nozzle, on the dashboard, screen, or in the car's app.
  • During release, gently press the charging nozzle towards the car. If the cable is under tension, it may prevent the release by the car.
  • Many electric cars have the option to release the plug in an emergency if the charging has ended. More detailed information can be found in the car's user manual.

NB! Use the emergency plug release only if the charging has ended! Releasing the plug in an emergency during charging is dangerous!

Please check if:

  • The car has limited charging by a third party, for example, using smart charging (Gridio, Vool, etc.)
  • The car has a set charging schedule
  • The battery is fully charged or a specific charging level is set, for example, a limit of 80%.


Starting the loading

You can pay for charging:

* Payment terminal can be used at the following locations: Halinga, Jüri, Jõhvi, Saku, Sauga, Otepää, at the Peterburi tee 77 gas stations, and at the fast charger at Mustamäe keskus.

To start charging:

  • Stop the car engine.
  • Start charging from the app, payment card, gift card, with a bank card at the payment terminal or web payment.
  • Connect the charging plug to the car.
  • Charging starts within 1-2 minutes.

To charge with the app:

  • Download the Alexela mobile app
  • If you don't have an Alexela account yet, create a new account in the app
  • Enter your bank card and/or payment card into the app.
  • To start charging, select the charger and plug from the card or scan the QR code on the charger.
  • Charging starts after connecting the charging plug to the car

To charge with the Alexela Payment Card or Gift Card:

  • Tap the Alexela Payment Card or Gift Card on the charger's RFID reader
  • If necessary, select the charging plug
  • Charging starts after connecting the charging plug to the car

You can order the payment card at Alexela Self-service Environment >

To charge with web payment:

  • Open the charging website here
  • Find the plug ID from the QR code on the charger or the charger screen
  • Enter the plug ID number
  • Agree to the terms of use and select the payment method
  • Start charging

To start charging with a bank card or payment card at the payment terminal:

  • Insert or tap the payment method at the payment terminal
  • Choose the charging nozzle you want to use
  • Charging starts after connecting the charging nozzle to the car

*Payment terminal can be used at the following locations: Halinga, Jüri, Jõhvi, Saku, Sauga, Otepää, at the Peterburi tee 77 gas stations, and at the fast charger at Mustamäe keskus.


Finishing the loading

  • To stop charging in the main Alexela app, press "Stop charging".
  • For payment or gift card, swipe the card again at the charger and depending on the charger, press the "Stop" button. 
  • Charging started at the payment terminal can be stopped by swiping/inserting the bank or payment card again at the payment terminal.
  • For web payment, press "Stop charging" on the same website where the charging was started.
  • Remove the charging cable from the car and place it back in the holder.
  • For semi-fast chargers, the cable is released immediately, for fast chargers, it may take up to 30 seconds.

NOTE! The charging transaction ends when the charging cable is removed from the car. If the cable is not removed from the car but the charging is stopped, the transaction continues and a time tariff may apply for fast chargers.

With the main Alexela app "Alexela"

Path: Homepage → Electric Charging → Receipts → Charges

  • Open the "Alexela" app. Select "Homepage" and then "Electric Charging". At the bottom of the screen, select "Receipts".
  • On the opened page, select "Charges" from the top part.

Charging with Alexela Payment Card or Gift Card by swiping

  • You can see the payment card receipt in the Alexela self-service by selecting "Services" from the menu bar and then "Transactions".
  • From the opened page, select "Payment Card" and under it, you can see the transactions. 
  • By pressing "Check" on the transaction line, you can see the receipt.
  • If the gift card is added to the app, you can get the receipt the same way as described in the point "With the main Alexela app "Alexela". In other cases, please contact our customer support at In the email, please add more detailed information about the charging (charger location, nozzle number, and charging time).

Charging with web payment

By selecting "I want a receipt to my email address" when starting the charging on the website and entering your email address.
In case of problems, please contact our customer support at In the email, please add more detailed information about the charging (charger location, nozzle number, and charging time).

With a bank card or payment card at the payment terminal

After completing the transaction, you can select "Receipt" from the payment terminal. In case of problems, please contact our customer support at In the email, please add more detailed information about the charging (charger location, nozzle number, and charging time).


General Information

You can find the locations of public chargers conveniently from the app or here on the website.

Depending on the location, it is possible to charge at Alexela charging points:

  • Semi-fast chargers (AC) Type 2 (Type 2)
  • Fast chargers CCS2 (DC)
  • Fast chargers CHAdeMO (DC)

Alexela charging points and their connectors can be conveniently found on our website's charging map or by using the Alexela main application "Alexela".

You can find our electric charger price list on the website, here.

Semi-fast (AC or alternating current) chargers depend on the car's charging speed mainly on the car's onboard charger, but also on the charger's power:

  • The car's onboard charger power is mostly 11 kW, but depending on the car model and equipment level, it can range from 3.7-42kW. For more detailed information about the onboard charger power, you can contact the car dealer or refer to the car's user manual.
  • Semi-fast charger powers usually range from 3.7 - 22 kW.
  • The charging speed for semi-fast chargers is usually constant and slows down only at the end of the charging.

Fast charger speed depends on several factors:

  • The car's maximum charging speed.
    • The car's maximum charging speed is achievable only under optimal conditions. Most often, the maximum speed is achieved at the battery temperature of 25-30 C and below 80% battery charge level (often below 40% level). For information about the car's charging curve or average charging speed, you should inquire with the car dealer*. For example, for Tesla, the charging speed starts to decrease already from 30%.
  • The battery temperature and charge level.
    • The battery's operating temperature and optimal charging temperature are not always the same. This means that even after a long drive, the battery temperature can be much lower than the optimal charging temperature. Some car manufacturers have added the option to preheat the battery for charging, so that the battery temperature is optimal for achieving the maximum possible charging speed.
    • At battery charge levels below 20% and above 80%, the car's battery management system may limit the charging speed to extend the battery's lifespan.
  • The maximum power of the charging point and the presence of already charging cars.
    • The maximum power of the charger or charging connector is indicated at the charging points. The relevant information is also available in the Alexela app and website when selecting the charger from the map.
    • In charging points with multiple charging connectors, the charging speed may be affected by other electric cars charging simultaneously. When more than one car is charging, the fast charger divides the power between the cars in 20-50 kW blocks, depending on the type of fast charger.

*For some models, the charging curve can be found on EV-Database or website.

Customers who have purchased an Alexela home or business charger receive a discount of -10 cents/kWh at all* DC chargers and -3 cents/kWh at AC chargers.

*This discount does not apply to fast chargers covered by the SmartEnCity project in Tartu city at the bus station on Soola Street, near Aura Water Park on Turu Street, in the parking lot of Tartu Kaubamaja on Uueturu Street, and in the immediate vicinity of Raekoja plats on Poe Street.



Customer Discount and Loyalty Cards

Alexela has two cards: My Alexela card and Payment card

  • My Alexela card is a card that offers discounts to members of the Alexela loyalty program. It is light blue, the card number starts with 9. My Alexela card provides discounts and cannot be used as a payment method. My Alexela card works without a PIN code.
    With My Alexela card, you always have a fuel discount, you collect digital stamps with every purchase, i.e., Alexela money, and warm food, coffee, pastries permanently -15%
    Read more →
  • Payment card is dark blue, the card number starts with 7. The payment card works as a payment method. To use the payment card, you need to know the card's PIN code. 
    Alexela Payment card is a convenient and fast interest-free personal payment method. One card combines both the benefits of My Alexela customer program and the capabilities of a payment card.
    Read more →

You can find more information about Alexela Payment card here

You can find more information about My Alexela customer card here


Alexela Payment Card

The second to last character on the card indicates the type of fuel:

  • FUEL - all fuels
  • GASOL - gasoline
  • DIES - diesel

The last character on the card in the second row indicates the type of goods and services:

  • ALL P - all goods, car wash, insurance, trailer rental
  • TBA S - car goods and car wash
  • NO PR - purchasing all goods is prohibited

Increasing the daily and monthly limit of a personal payment card is possible in our self-service.
To increase the general limit of the company, a corresponding application must be sent to the address

Enter self-service →

If you have not received an invoice or it has been lost, you can print it out yourself from our website's self-service environment

You can request a new invoice by sending your invoice request to the email We remind you that according to the concluded Payment Card agreement, the customer who has used the card and has not received an invoice, must inform the Alexela card center by the 10th date of the following month at the latest, who will then issue the repeat invoice. If the customer has not sent the relevant notice to Alexela by the 15th date, the invoice is considered received.

We usually send the ordered card by registered mail to the postal address indicated in the contract. 

If desired, the card can also be picked up from the Alexela office at Roseni 11, Tallinn on weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00.

A Payment Card can also be applied for in the name of a private individual. Debit cards are issued to all private individuals, and obtaining a credit card depends on the decision of the credit committee. To apply for a Payment Card, you must fill out the Payment Card application, which can be found at this link.

If it turns out while refueling that the Payment Card is not working, closed, blocked, etc., and you do not know the reason for the closure, then call Alexela customer service on weekdays from 8:00 to 18:00 at +372 6290 000. If possible, we will quickly find a solution to open the card.

The card closes if:

  • The daily limit of the Payment Card has been exceeded (usually it is 383.45 EUR per day, unless a different amount has been agreed upon),
  • The monthly limit of the Payment Card has been exceeded,
  • The general limit of the Payment Card agreement has been exceeded,
  • The invoice is unpaid,
  • You have requested the card to be closed,
  • The card has expired.

NB! In a staffed gas station, you can check the card balance on the spot - to avoid the situation of "fuel in the tank, card locked".

The payment made by you for the Payment Card reaches your account in the Card Center within 10 minutes.
To ensure that the payment is received quickly and without any problems, it is necessary to use the details provided on the invoice, including the online bank account number and reference number.

If an online bank account has not been used or the correct reference number has not been used when making the payment, the payments will not be received automatically and quickly. The payment will be added manually only on the next working day during the banks' checks.

When the Payment Card expires, it is checked whether the card has been used 60 days before the 10th date of the expiration month. If the expiring Payment Card has been in use, it will be automatically renewed, and a new card will be sent by registered mail to the address in the contract. The card PIN code remains the same.

If the card has not been used 60 days before the 10th date of the expiration month, it will not be automatically renewed. In this case, we ask you to inform the card center of your desire for a new card by sending a corresponding request to the email


My Alexela card

You can exchange your expired My Alexela card for a new one at all Alexela service station cafes and shops, as well as through the Alexela website by filling out the corresponding application. Your My Alexela card will be sent by mail to the address specified in the contract within 10 working days. When exchanging the card at the gas station, you must present the expired My Alexela card (previously Kodukaart).

A more convenient and environmentally friendly solution is to give up the plastic My Alexela card. There are two options:

  • Link your My Alexela card to your ID card and use the ID card for discounts in the future.
  • Start using the Alexela mobile app - with the mobile app, you can access discounts, purchase receipts, and much more useful information directly on your mobile device.
    Read more →


Alexela Smart Trailer rental


General info

Find more info here

You can use the Alexela Trailer application even if you are not yet an Alexela customer. However, as an Alexela customer, you collect one digital stamp for every €10 spent on trailer rental. Learn more about the benefits and digital stamps for Alexela customers here.

Trailer rental is subject to a start fee and an hourly fee for each started rental hour. When booking or starting the rental of the trailer, the first 15 minutes are free, the start fee is €12.90, and each started hour is 90 cents. You can see more detailed prices for the Alexela Smart Trailer in the Alexela Trailer app.

You can rent trailers with plastic covers, open trailers, and trailers with tarpaulin covers from Alexela.

  • The internal height of the cargo space for the trailer with a plastic cover is 133 cm.
  • The internal height of the cargo space for the trailer with a tarpaulin cover is 143 cm.
  • The width of all trailers is 1.5 m and the length is 3 m.
  • It is permitted to carry a load of up to 480 kg with the trailer.
  • Overloading the trailer is prohibited as it may cause a traffic hazard or damage some parts of the trailer.
  • The recommended tire pressure for the trailer is 3.4 bar.

A trailer from Alexela can be rented for a maximum of 30 days at a time.

You are not allowed to take the Alexela trailer to a foreign country.

You can find the trailer rental invoices in the Alexela Trailer app under Account → History. From there, you can also download and forward the invoices.


Starting the rent

  1. Download the Alexela Trailer app from Google Play or the App Store.

  2. Create a user account in the Alexela Trailer app and enter your payment card details. Add your My Alexela loyalty card number to earn Alexela money with each rental. 
  3. Choose a suitable rental point and trailer from the map. Use the app to open the Bluetooth lock and start the rental. Return the trailer clean. 

Watch the video tutorial here:

  1. Unlocking is done via a Bluetooth connection - make sure it is turned on in your phone.
  2. Lift the transparent cover on the lock. "Wake up" the lock by touching the larger round button on the lock.
  3. A blue light will blink briefly on the button, indicating that the lock and phone are connected via Bluetooth. Press "Unlock" on your phone screen.
  4. The lock will open, and the smart post lever will drop down. If necessary, help the lever to drop down with your hand. The lock can be opened within 6 seconds.

To rent a trailer, make sure that the Bluetooth connection on your phone is turned on. The payment card added to the app must also have internet payments enabled.


Returning the trailer

  • Most of the time, the trailer must be returned to the same location and locked to the same post.
  • When renting from a store, the trailer must always be returned to the same location and the same post!
  • For smart trailers, we offer Alexela customers the convenient option of renting a smart trailer from one location and leaving it at another location. For example, rent a trailer in Tallinn and leave it in Pärnu or Tartu.
  • Note that you can leave trailers at another location only if they have the corresponding mark in the app and if there is a free smart post available for the trailer at the desired location!
  • Note that the service of leaving the trailer at another location can only be used with smart rentals.
  • When using this service, a fee of 45 euros will be added to the rental amount for changing the return point.
  • Before using the service, make sure that there is a free smart post at the desired location. You can check the availability of free smart posts in real-time in the Trailer app. To do this, select the trailer you want to rent and that is allowed to be left at another location. Even before starting the rental, you can check the locations of free smart posts across Estonia on the map. If a free post is available at the desired location, then:
    • Select the trailer that allows changing the return point and start the rental.
    • Unlock the smart post (changing the return point requires unlocking the lock).
    • Immediately choose the new return point. This way, you can be sure that a return spot for the trailer you have rented is guaranteed at the desired location.


Safety and errors

If the trailer breaks down, ensure that the trailer is safely parked and immediately notify Alexela customer service by phone at +372 600 3311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00) or by email at If necessary, the trailer must be returned to the rental point using a tow service.

First, check if the Bluetooth connection on your phone is active. If necessary, disconnect your phone's Bluetooth from all other devices (smartwatch, car radio, etc.). When waking up the lock with a finger press, watch for the blue blinking light. In the app, the unlock button will activate once the connection with the lock is established via Bluetooth. Refer to the question: How does unlocking the trailer work?

If the Smart Post lock does not open or close properly, please notify our customer service as soon as possible by phone at +372 600 3311 (Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00). When ending the trailer rental, do not leave the trailer unlocked.

If scratches and defects do not affect the use of the trailer, you may proceed with the rental. However, it is essential to record all the defects you identified before renting through the app.

If no trailers are visible on the map at a particular rental location, it means that all trailers are currently rented out.


Privacy Policy

Companies belonging to Alexela respect the right to privacy and the protection of personal data. In the principles of personal data processing, we explain what we do to protect your personal data, how we process your personal data, what your rights are, and how you can exercise those rights.

  • You can get acquainted with the companies belonging to the Alexela group here.
  • You can get acquainted with the privacy policy of the Alexela group, including AS Alexela, here.
  • You can get acquainted with the authorized data processors of the Alexela group, including AS Alexela, here.
  • You can get acquainted with the principles of processing consumer personal data of the Alexela group, including AS Alexela, here.