Sport has always held an important place for Estonians. In the basketball community, you have the opportunity to contribute to the support and development of Estonian basketball. Let's give strength to basketball together!

Why basketball?

Alexela is the biggest energizer of Estonian basketball, both directly and indirectly. Alexela has been a partner of the Estonian Basketball Association since 2010 and supported Estonian basketball very widely, being involved in both men's and women's basketball, 3x3 basketball. Now we have created an opportunity also for you to contribute to the promotion of Estonian basketball and achievement of further success stories.

How can I contribute?


  1. Become a client of Alexela

  2. Join the Community programme 

    As a loyal customer of Alexela you can donate 1 cent of your loyalty discount for planting trees and Alexela will also add 1 cent on its behalf. For every gathered 0.25€, we will plant one tree to an Estonian forest.

  3. Visit Alexela

    As a community member, you contribute to Estonian basketball by using Alexela's products and services.

    By choosing the fuel loyalty discount for contributions, a corresponding contribution from every liter fueled will go towards the promotion of basketball. By selecting a zero contribution upon joining, you do not contribute from your discount, but you support Estonian basketball through the consumption of various Alexela products and services.

    Share this with your friends and invite them to join, so the collective contribution is greater.

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Experts recommend

Jukka Toijala

(Head coach of the Estonian men's national team)
Basketball is a game for smart people, basketball is an emotional game, I like being part of this game. In basketball, only a team achieves success, and thereby the word basketball community has an even greater meaning.

Kristian Kullamäe

(Estonian men's national team's point guard)
In Estonia, we need to handle Estonian matters, and since there are so few of us, we can only achieve great things together. In basketball, we have had, and hopefully will continue to have, great victories. It's a cool feeling to be a member of the basketball community.

Annika Köster

(Estonian women's national team's forward)
Alexela has been a long-time supporter of Estonian women's basketball. It's a pleasure to join a community campaign where there are no losers, everyone wins.