Electricity with fixed price + combined bill including Elektrilevi network

  • Fixed price (different rates for day and night)

  • 6-month pricing period

  • Without a cancellation fee

  • Warm food, coffee, pastries in Alexela's convenience stores permanently -15%

  • Sauga Täkupoiss restaurant's head chef's menu permanently -15%

  • Sign up for our loyalty program and receive a 5 cent discount per litre on fuel permanently

Daytime rate 12 c/kWh
Nighttime rate 11 c/kWh
Monthly fee 1,99 €

The fixed price package is for you if you like to plan your expenses, do not wish to take price risks, nor keep an eye on exchange prices. With this package, the electricity price for the contract period is fixed (there are separate rates for day and night), and the exchange price does not affect your bill. The package also contains a combined bill including the Elektrilevi network service. Combined billing makes invoicing easier as two separate bills are joined and presented as one.

The package has a 6-month pricing period, which means that the agreed price will be valid for you for the next 6 months, and this price will not change. We will notify you of the new pricing period prices along with the invoice at least 1 month before the end of the current pricing period.