Term fixed rate + joint bills with Elektrilevi’s network service

  • Fixed price for a period

  • Contract period 12-36 months

  • Long-term assurance

  • Joint invoice with Elektrilevi

  • Hot food, coffee, pastries in convenience stores permanently -15%

  • Sign up for our loyalty program and receive a 5 cent discount per litre on fuel permanently

Daytime rate 13 c/kWh
Nighttime rate 9,5 c/kWh
Monthly fee 1,00 €

The fixed-term fixed-rate package is suitable for you if you want to forecast your expenses in advance and do not want to take a price risk and monitor the market prices yourself.

You can conclude a contract for 12 or 36 months. The package allows you to get electricity at a fixed rate for the contract period (separate daytime and nighttime rates) and the market price will not affect your bills.

In case of early contract termination or package change, an early termination fee will apply. 

The website shows the prices for an 36-month contract.