Community program member Jana: Clean nature is like a good sleep

12. September 2023

Jana Indrane, a member of the community program, does not live in Estonia but in Latvia. Although it would be economically more reasonable for her to refuel on the other side of the border, it is precisely the opportunity to make up for her consumption footprint that brings Jana, living near the border, to refuel in Estonia.

Jana works as a sleep consultant and she knows that a considerate attitude to everything in life ensures a harmonious and complete way of living. Be it good sleep or nature - a person can do a lot so that the surroundings charge our lives positively. "Responsibility is in my blood. Just as as a mother I take care of my children, their sleep quality and nutrition, I give back to the environment around me as a member of Alexela’s community program." Jana adds that just like ensuring a good night's sleep, a sustainable lifestyle is a matter of making conscious choices. 

Jana joined the community program because, for her, contributing to nature is the same as taking care of herself. "Nature and sleep have a very similar effect on a person, providing rest and an opportunity to switch off our thoughts from everyday life. But a good and well-rested feeling can only be obtained by quality sleep. The same goes for nature. That's why it's important to me, when I spend time in nature, that I imperceptibly strengthen its health," Jana describes.

Jana follows a sustainable way of life, and it is also important for her to pass on the messages to her children and friends. "Nowadays people pay more and more attention to both their mental and physical health. It's nice to see that more and more Estonians value the re-growth of our forests. When more than 50,000 people realize that nature conservation cannot be taken for granted, it is no longer an ordinary initiative, but a way of thinking. And good thoughts spread by sharing them, by being proud of them."