Alexela starts selling hydrogen cylinders and opens the first hydrogen stations in Estonia

16. November 2023

Two green hydrogen stations will be opened in Tallinn next October, one of which is a filling station for passenger cars on Peterburi Road and the other is a filling station for hydrogen buses and trucks in Väo, created in cooperation with Utilitas. In addition, Alexela will be ready to start selling hydrogen cylinders to consumers next year. The state is also preparing for the hydrogen revolution - the first procurement of hydrogen ferries is being prepared.

The construction permit for the first hydrogen filling station has already been issued, the equipment and technology have been ordered, expected to arrive by next September.
Unlike Latvia, hydrogen sold in Estonia will be 100% green, produced from renewable sources.

Public transport takes the lead
There are only a few hydrogen cars currently on the roads of Estonia and these are refuelled in Riga," said Tarmo Kärsna, Head of Energy Sales at Alexela, "we know that 30 hydrogen vehicles will start running as public transport next fall, and car dealers predict that hundreds more cars and heavy equipment, including buses, trucks and ships, will be added in the coming years." If hydrogen becomes even more affordable in terms of price, we can expect a revolution in the market, because a hydrogen car can be refuelled for 500 kilometres in five minutes, it is as reliable as a petrol car in winter conditions, and instead of polluting, it cleans the polluted city air.»

Estonian green energy has a problem with variability - if the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining, you cannot get green energy," explained Ove Oll, a researcher at the University of Tartu, "hydrogen is variable both in terms of production and load, so that we can produce green hydrogen cheaply in windy and sunny weather. If we get more onshore and offshore wind farms, all prerequisites will be created for the production of environmentally friendly hydrogen at a competitive price.»

Hydrogen can be produced in advance

The main advantage of hydrogen is the fact that it can be produced in advance, and as a critical volume is achieved, the prerequisites for a competitive price are created.
The first national procurement of ferries is coming to an end, various car manufacturers are coming out with new hydrogen cars, and an increasing number of mobile gadgets are being produced that do not need electricity. Public investments and support mechanisms accelerate the introduction of alternative fuels and encourage private sector contributions.

Alexela develops a sustainable network of service stations through the creation of biomethane, LNG, electricity and, in the near future, hydrogen filling up facilities. Alexela produces biomethane based on circular economy principles and builds solar parks and wind farms. In addition, the company together with its partners operates an LNG terminal in Hamina, Finland, as well as develops a renewable pumped-storage hydropower facility called Energiasalv in Paldiski and a biogas plant for peak loads.