Today, Alexela opened its charging stations for electric vehicles. To celebrate this, charging electric cars is free of charge until the end of the month

22. October 2021

Energy company Alexela is the first fuel seller in Estonia who has opened its own charging service for electric vehicles that includes the charging platform, mobile app and chargers. With this important step, Alexela supports the transmission to renewable energy transport solutions in Estonia. To introduce its new charging stations and mobile app, charging in Alexela Paia crossing and in Peterburi street station in Tallinn is free of charge until 31 October (included).

Alexela laadijad Tikupoisis

“In the end of September, new state-of-the-art Kempower chargers were installed in our Paia crossing charging station, creating a new standard for hassle-free and fast charging of electric cars. It is certainly one of the most modern charging stations in Estonia and in the Baltics, being the largest fast charging station of the region. Our next goal is to install chargers up to 300-kW to various town borders and highways. We also wish to install chargers to our stations with stores,“ said Alan Vaht, the member of the board of AS Alexela and the manager of e-mobility, when opening the new chargers in Paia crossing. 
Alexela is building the new charging network for electric vehicles together with the German technology company Siemens and Finnish company Kempower. Today, Alexela also launched an intuitive mobile app for charging electric vehicles that enables the client to have an overview of all of their charging sessions. The payment for the charging is also done via the app. 
“We have waited for a long time for this kind of effective and time saving electric charging,“ said Vaht and encouraged all interested parties to download and try the app.

“The EV market in the Baltics is developing fast and we have the technology and expertise to accelerate this shift. The modularity of Kempower products ensures they have a small footprint, allowing our customers to develop their charging network in a flexible and smart manner”, said Tomi Ristimäki, the CEO of Kempower. 
Alan Vaht from Alexela noted that already in the beginning of 2022, a 300-kW charger will be installed in the Alexela Saku station together with Siemens. The goal of the company is to install superchargers in all the Estonian highways and town borders. The charging service can be used by apartment associations, home owners and businesses.

“Estonia is one of the first countries with nation-wide charging infrastructure. By installing superchargers at all Alexela gas stations, which will be all operated by our be.ENERGISED software, we have the chance to be once again on step ahead of the market", said has·to·be gmbh CEO Martin Klässner of the new partnership. "EV drivers will benefit from a seamless EV Charging experience at all gas stations as well as from a growing network of charge points across Europe – accessible via the Alexela app which is also a service that is based on our software", Klässner added.
Starting from today, the new chargers in the Paia crossing station in Tallinn-Tartu highway are available for public use. Other Alexela chargers that were formerly used with Eleport platform, have also been linked to the new charging platform. Alexela thanks Eleport for the cooperation.
To introduce the new chargers and the charging service, Alexela offers free charging in its stations in Peterburi street in Tallinn and in the Paia crossing until 31 October (included). For activating the charging session, EV owners have to download the Alexela mobile app “Charger“ and create an account in the app.