Merger of Alexela Oil and Alexela Energia

4. Juuni 2019

As of May 27th, 2019, merger of Alexela group companies Alexela Energia AS (Reg. No. 10015238) and AS Alexela Oil (Reg.No. 10034715) has entered into force and therefore, a new company – AS Alexela – was formed. As a result, the company has changed its business name, which makes it easier and clearer for co-operation partners and customers to operate and communicate with Alexela. The merger will not lead to any changes for customers and business partners – all agreements, contact details, bank accounts will remain the same.

The abovementioned transaction completed years long strategic process of consolidating Alexela's energy companies. More than a year ago, the employees of both companies were united into one strong team, structures and management functions were also combined into one. Thus, the companies have been operating as one for more than a year, and from now the company has a legal basis to operate under the united name of Alexela.

Alexela is an Estonian company, which operates mainly in the energy field. The company has a unique combination of product portfolio on the Estonian market – electricity, natural gas, cylinder gas, bulk gas and 105 fuel stations across Estonia. In addition, Alexela operates 37 convenience stores, which offers hot beverages and warm food.