Alexela offers refuelling possibilities at more than 400 filling stations in Sweden

9. April 2019

As of last Friday, Alexela started offering refuelling possibilities in Sweden. Along with the previously added partner filling stations in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, besides those in Estonia, our customers can now refuel their vehicles at 3214 filling stations.

“The need to expand our services to Sweden, is related to the increase of fuel excise in Estonia. Local freight carriers that operate in Sweden, used to bring their vehicles to Estonia when the drivers changed or went on a holiday – one of the reasons was the low cost of fuel. The companies saved money even considering additional expenses on the ferry tickets. Today, when the excise on diesel has risen by more than 25% compared to 2015, the difference between Estonian and Swedish fuel prices is much smaller and the companies have no economic reason to drive to Estonia. Therefore, the companies have changed their driving routes. To meet the wishes of our customers, we decided to expand our refuelling capabilities to the Swedish market,” Alan Vaht, member of the board of Alexela explained the reasons behind the decision to enter the Swedish market.

Our business customers can now conveniently refuel at the filling stations of our partners by using Alexela Payment Card. More detailed information about filling stations, customer cards and discounts available at Alexela Oil´s website

In November 2017, Alexela started to offer refuelling possibilities in 127 Latvian filling stations, which in January 2018, was supplemented by 193 Lithuanian filling stations and within the same year the possibility was also offered in 2382 filling stations in Poland. Since last Friday, 408 Swedish filling stations were added as Alexela´s partner filling stations. Along with the filling stations located in Estonia, our business customers can now refuel their vehicles at a total of 3214 filling stations. Private customers can refuel their vehicles in addition to Estonia, also in Latvia and Lithuania.

Alexela is an Estonian company, which operates mainly in the energy field. The company has a unique combination of product portfolio on the Estonian market – electricity, natural gas, cylinder gas, bulk gas and 104 filling stations across Estonia. In addition, Alexela operates 35 convenience stores.

Additional information:
Alan Vaht
Management Board Member of Alexela
M: +372 564 3007