The first 400 kW EV chargers are arriving in Estonia

25. August 2023

The domestic energy company Alexela is speeding up the development of Estonia's charging infrastructure by installing 400 kW superchargers. The charging speed of electric car chargers of such power is comparable to the filling time of liquid fuels. The first charger of this kind will be installed on the roadside of Via Baltica. 

Täkupoiss_Reimo Ruubel

Alan Vaht, Alexela’s head of e-mobility, announces that the first 400 kW charger will be installed this month at the Täkupoiss Service Station in Sauga, located on one of the country's busiest road sections of Via Baltica. 

"The 400 kW superchargers are one of the most powerful EV chargers in the world, which is why their installation is extraordinary and unique not only in Estonia but in the entire region. A charger of such power is faster than Tesla's new V4 supercharger with its 350 kW, released just a few weeks ago," Vaht cited as a comparison. 

New chargers mean shorter charging times 

In e-mobility, EV charging speed is calculated from a 10-percent battery charge level to 80%. Considering that the batteries of electric cars currently on the market have an electric capacity of approx. 70 kWh, a 400 kW charger makes it possible to charge an EV battery in less than 10 minutes. According to the intake capacity of the electric car, a 3-minute charging session can give the vehicle 100 kilometres of extra driving range. Such a charging speed is already comparable to the filling time of traditional liquid fuels. 

The new 400 kW charger in the soon-to-be-opened Täkupoiss Service Station in Sauga will not be the only one in the country, because by the end of the year, the energy company will install similar chargers in its service stations in Jüri, Harju County, and on Peterburi Road in Tallinn. This 400 kW charger can charge two cars at the same time, thereby increasing the charging options and charging speed for EVs. 

You can pay by bank card and in cash 

For additional convenience, Vaht said that it will be possible to pay for charging both with a bank card and in cash at the Täkupoiss Service Station in Sauga. "This option is important considering the needs of tourists on the road who may come from different countries and use different payment methods, and do not want to download another app or create an account for charging at each different charging service provider".    

Alexela has one more charger with cash and bank card payment solutions, located in Saku, Harju County. By the end of August, this option will be added to chargers located on Peterburi tee 77, Jõhvi, and in Halinga, and in the future to all chargers at Alexela’s service stations. 

400 kW chargers also for electric vans and heavy trucks 

"With our installation of 400 kW chargers, we are so far ahead of the market development that these chargers should not have any troubles in the next 10 years in terms of new electric vehicles entering the market. Some electric cars with a charging capacity of 230-270 kW have been launched, while the most common models are with a charging capacity of 120-150 kW. Such 400 kW chargers will be placed in service stations in such a way that in the case of an electric car with a trailer, it is not necessary to remove the trailer from the back of the car for charging," described the head of e-mobility at the energy company. 

He noted that the new arrangement creates the possibility to charge vans and heavy trucks as well, whereas the charging capacity of those is nowadays up to 375 kW. Thus, the new chargers fulfill quite a few different purposes - in addition to shortening charging times, trailer access and the ability to serve electric vans and heavy trucks being added to the roads. 

Alan Vaht also revealed that Alexela's e-mobility team currently has a total of 12 projects underway, the goal of which is to install 400 kW EV chargers on Estonian roads. These ambitious plans show the company's commitment to promoting environmentally friendly mobility and charging infrastructure in Estonia. 
Photo: Reimo Ruubel