The trend has gained momentum. Employers install electric car chargers in their company parking lots

7. April 2022

According to the Estonian energy company Alexela, employers are increasingly installing electric car chargers in their company parking lots. One example of this is Ericsson, the world's leading manufacturer and developer of telecom technology. It installed 10 electric car chargers in the company's office and factory parking lots in Tallinn as part of its climate action.

Alexela laadija Ericssonis

Alan Vaht, a Member of the Management Board of AS Alexela and Head of Electromobility, noted that Ericsson is a great example of an employer’s steps to encourage employees to switch to electric cars. "If the installation of an electric car charger in an apartment building is difficult for some reason – be it technical obstacles or the apartment association cannot reach an agreement to bear the costs - but the person really wants to have an electric car and charge it comfortably, then what should you do? It is worth contacting your employer and talking to them about creating charging options. For example, Ericsson carried out a tender that will result in a sufficient number of electric car charging stations in their parking lots.”
Alexela won this tender.
Karin Marjapuu, Head of Sustainability at Ericsson Eesti AS, pointed out that Ericsson's goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030. "Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges. Employees, partners and investors alike have high expectations of us on green issues. We have been using green energy for a long time and pay great attention to the use of energy and the environmental impact of technology, while also being sustainable in our value chain activities. By 2030, the goal is to be carbon neutral in the operations of Ericsson's plants, including in Tallinn. We also hope to reduce the environmental impact and CO2 emissions of our product portfolio as well as the supply chain by 50%. The next step will be to move towards sustainable transport. We are replacing existing vehicles in our fleet with plug-in hybrids and all-electric ones. One of the first steps in our green journey was the renewal of the company's fleet with electric cars and the construction of charging infrastructure. We did this in cooperation with Alexela”.
Alan Vaht from Alexela stated that more employers are turning to their company to find out what "turnkey" charging solutions they offer to charge electric cars. "The employer can create added value for its personnel through the presence of electric chargers, thereby encouraging the exchange of personal vehicles for electric vehicles. This is a great way to give employees the ability to charge an electric car while they work. Guests will also benefit from this. We are getting many enquiries about charging solutions for homes, the workplace, on routes and destinations. This trend is increasingly growing," said Vaht.