Alexela is the presenting sponsor of the ORC WC in offshore sailing in Tallinn in August

13. May 2021

12 May 2021 The Estonian energy company Alexela and the organisers of the 2021 ORC Offshore Sailing World Championship – Kalev Yacht Club, Pärnu Yacht Club, Tallinn Yacht Club, Estonian Yachting Union and the Tallinn Olympic Sailing Center – signed a cooperation agreement, based on which Alexela will become the presenting sponsor of the most important race, this year of the ORC (Offshore Racing Congress). The 2021 ORC World Championships in offshore sailing will take place 6-14 August in Tallinn. It is expected that there will be here more than 130 yachts and 1 200 yachtsmen from 14 countries.

Marti Hääl ja Kalev Vapper

The formalisation of the cooperation agreement took place, on the flag square of the Tallinn Olympic Sailing Center (TOP), where for the World Championship in August, will be erected a regatta village, to serve the yachtsmen and where the adjacent harbours of the Kalev Yacht Club and TOP, form a superb environment for conducting the large competition – and that already since the 1980 Olympic regatta.
Alexela that is becoming the presenting sponsor of the WC, is an Estonian company that deals with energy management, the metal industry and oil shale chemistry. Alexela as a large corporation, with great local impact, in addition to environmental initiatives, has for years considered it important to give back to society through supporting the fields of culture, sports and charity.  Alexela has also been awarded with the title of Friend of Culture, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, as well has given and gives support to many cultural and sports organisations.
The ORC WC, according to the commandant of the Kalev Yacht Club and president of the Estonian Yachting Union, Kalev Vapper, is a very important large competition for Tallinn and Estonia. "This is already the second ORC championship to be organised by Estonia: The Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club, hosted in 2015 very successfully, the Volvo Estonia ORC European Championship, in Pärnu.  We were now entrusted based on this experience, with organising the WC. All of the ORC championships were cancelled last year, due to COVID-19, the interest in them this year is very large. I would like to thank on behalf of the organisers, Alexela that has decided to support the taking place of the WC, assisting in such fashion to make the organisation smoother in all facets. Many thanks and a bow towards all other supporters and sponsors!
The Vice-President of the Alexela Group, Marti Hääl, stated that Alexela has for almost 30 years, throughout its entire history, supported navigation, as maritime culture was already written into the code of Alexela, in the childhood of its owners. "Sailing is an excellent sport and supporting it on different levels – from children starting in the Optimist class to offshore sailing – is taken to heart by Alexela.
The expectations of the yachtsmen are also very high concerning the WC. The ORC offshore sailing in Estonia has gotten a special wind in its sails, precisely in the last decade and has won eighteen  championship medals, of which seven are from WC and EC championships. The yacht Forte steered by Jaak Jõgi is a European and World Champion, Sugar of Ott Kikkas is European and World Champion, Katariina II with Aivar Tuulberg is two times European Champion, Technonicol steered by Mati Sepp European Champion and Arne Veske with Matilda 4 time European Champion. The hunt for medals will also take place at the WC taking place at home. 
The Estonian offshore yachtsmen have been the best ambassadors for introducing Estonia and Estonian yachting in the world, according to Sven Nuutmann, commandant of the yacht club Dago, manager of sponsor relationships of the ORC WC and bronze medal winner from the 2019 ORC EC. "The forthcoming regatta will be very exciting and high level. We look forward to good and equal sailing conditions, excellent cooperation between judges and technical officials, but above all the competition, with tight battles between competitors at sea. I hope that medals will become clear, only at the last race of the last day.
The signing of the cooperation agreement with the presenting sponsor of the ORC WC, characteristically to digital Estonia, took place digitally and as a sign of the cooperation agreement, the flag and logo of the Alexela ORC World Championship were presented.  The regatta director Agnes Lill hoisted the flag to the top of the flagpole. The speakers at the ceremony, Kalev Vapper, Marti Hääl and and Sven Nuutmann, after the ceremony boarded the yachts to start serious preparation for the WC, in the Wednesday training regatta of the Amserv-Kalev Yacht Club. Representatives of the media and guests were able to watch sailing and as if granted by special delivery, to enjoy the summer warmth that had reached Estonia, while on board the motor sailboat “Admiral Bellingshausen” in the Bay of Tallinn.  
The Alexela ORC World Championships are additionally supported by the City of Tallinn, Sportland, Saku, Alter – B&G, Amserv, Forus, Rotermann City, Pantaenius, Telia, Postimees, Deinhard and OneSails. The organisers of the WC are the Kalev Yacht Club, Pärnu Yacht Club, Tallinn Yacht Club, Estonian Yachting Union and the Tallinn Olympic Sailing Center.
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