Alexela introduced the e-mobility revolution: “We will install smart chargers in homes and workplaces and superchargers in gas stations.” 

19. June 2021

The Estonian energy company Alexela has been a pioneer in sustainable fuels for 10 years. Today, Alexela introduced its new full-service smart e-mobility solution, which is spearheading the long-awaited quality increase in Estonian electromobility.

Alexela elektromobiilsuse lahendus

“In addition to support for the purchase of electric vehicles, the burning issue has been the development of charging infrastructure, which, in our opinion, has tended to languish. By 2025, the price of an electric car will already equal that of a conventional car and it is forecast that, by 2030, 85,000 electric cars will be active in Estonian traffic. Obviously, we need to create a high-quality charging infrastructure in Estonia that would support the transition to solutions that are less harmful to the environment,” said Alan Vaht, a member of the Management Board, who is heading up e-Mobility at AS Alexela. He also said that Alexela has long-term experience in bringing sustainable fuels to the market and promoting them. 
As a leader in green innovation, Alexela has, for example, introduced biomethane, a climate-neutral fuel based on a circular economy, which it produces from cow manure. It has also promoted gaseous fuels and developed gas terminals. “We are distinguished from the other market participants by the fact that, as the only Estonian gas station chain, we’ve been developing refuelling solutions, such as LPG, CNG and LNG, which are less harmful to the environment for years -- all in the name of nature conservation. We have also created a convenient way for every driver to return something to nature when refuelling, by donating one cent on each litre to the expansion of Estonia’s forests. A very logical continuation of this is assuming leadership of the entire e-mobility value chain. We have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to do this,” Vaht added.
The queues will disappear. Up to five cars at a time can be charged by one charger

Until now, only one car at a time could be charged by the public chargers for electric vehicles that have been installed in Estonia. However, Alexela is now introducing a new generation of state-of-the-art chargers to the market that enable the dynamic charging of up to five electric cars simultaneously. “We are bringing a long-awaited revolution to the Estonian market. This year, we will start installing superchargers with up to 322 kW charging capacity in our gas stations, which are capable of adding 100 km of range in just three minutes – thereby, we are now one step ahead of the market, because electric cars with such a high charging capacity are not even available on the market today. Our chargers also enable automatic power redistribution based on the charging capacity of electric cars. This in turn means the optimal charging time for all the cars being charging simultaneously. In this way, we eliminate queues and allow people to be the masters of their time,” said the Director of E-mobility at Alexela.
The Alexela app will provide unrestricted access to more than 200,000 charging stations across Europe. “Using the Alexela app, when starting from Estonia, you’ll be able to find the nearest charging points along your route, where you can conveniently pay for your charges with our app. And all in a familiar language, without having to make any major preparations, or worry about where to find the next charging station,” said Vaht about these convenient solutions. 
The new technology enables cars with both 400-volt and 800-volt battery systems to be charged at the same time. This includes electric cars with both European CCS, as well as Japanese CHAdeMO, nozzles.
Turnkey charging solution with smart power management. Electricity can also be sold back to the grid 

When installing electric car chargers, smart energy management is extremely important in any building – in homes, workplaces or any other building or shopping centre. Alexela’s solution allows you to manage your energy consumption wisely, avoid unnecessary investments in expensive amps, and take advantage of the energy department store's service and product portfolio. Smart energy management takes into account a building's electricity consumption in real time, thus avoiding electricity system overloads and power outages. Alexela's charging solution also provides an opportunity to resell electricity, i.e., to download the car's battery into the electricity network – electric cars will just have to keep up with the innovations offered by Alexela.

The energy company is offering a solution to apartment associations, homeowners and businesses in a turnkey way, which means that Alexela will come to the customer to install the chargers, after which they are immediately ready for use.
The energy company is offering a solution to apartment associations, homeowners and businesses in a turnkey way, which means that Alexela will come to the customer to install the chargers, after which they are immediately ready for use.

"We are proud and pleased to be selected as Alexela’s partner to build e-car charging infrastructure in Estonia. Our comprehensive e-mobility portfolio includes award winning high-power chargers which will help Alexela to reach the ambitious goals in e-mobility in Estonia.  Based on our comprehensive competence in the area of electricity grids, energy systems and e-mobility, we can provide future-ready solutions for sustainable and competitive infrastructures", says Jussi Mäntynen, Head of Electrification Businesses and eMobility, Siemens Osakeyhtiö.

"As the market of eMobility is growing rapidly, we believe that partnership with Alexela will boost the Estonian, but also Baltic eMobility business to next level. Positive development of eMobility will also boost the economy after the Covid19 crisis. We as Siemens will invest to Estonia in this business area", says Mäntynen.