Aivo Adamson takes over as Director of AS Alexela

4. June 2019

As of 4th June, Aivo Adamson is the new board member of AS Alexela taking over the managing role, performed until now by Maria Helbling. Aivo Adamson was until today the chairman of the council of Alexela Group. The change of position became necessary as a result of Maria Helbling’s decision to emigrate to the United States with her family. 

Aivo Adamson has been on the council of Alexela Group for a year and has a good understanding of the goals that need to be achieved, to ensure a continued growth of the company. Aivo has over 25 years managerial experience, in Estonia and abroad, in the private and public sectors. His background in the retail market and the IT field makes him highly suited to developing the strategic directions chosen by Alexela.

“I pass on the leadership to Aivo Adamson with peace of mind, knowing that Alexela will be in good hands in the future. I hope that Alexela will continue the chosen path of innovation and making a positive contribution to developing life in Estonia”, commented the current chairman of the board, Maria Helbling. 

This summer Maria Helbling is moving to the United States with her family and hopes to find new challenges there. Her last day of working on the board of Alexela will be on 4th July. Maria has worked within the Alexela Group for over 7 years, of which close to 4 years have been as the manager of Alexela Energia and in the past year she has managed the work of the Alexela energy company, successfully completing the company merger from an organisational, legal and client point of view.

AS Alexela is an Estonian company primarily active in the energy field. Alexela has a unique product portfolio on the Estonian market, consisting of electricity, natural gas, cylinder gas and liquefied petroleum gas companies. The company provides car fuels to 105 filling stations throughout Estonia and additionally operates 37 convenience stores. 

Alexela has received the title of Culture Friend from the Ministry of Culture and has supported, and continues to support numerous cultural and sporting organisations, including the Estonian Basketball Association, the Estonian Equestrian Federation, the Tallinn International Horse Show, the Estonian Ski Association, the Estonian Tennis Association, the Nordic Symphony Orchestra and the Alexela Concert Hall.