Tallinn received the first electric car quick charger with a European plug

19. November 2019

Tallinna Peterburi tee 77 Alexelas asuv elektriautode kiirlaadija

Alexela is the first petrol station chain to install an electric car quick charger at its station located at Peterburi tee 77 in Tallinn. It is also the first quick charging point for cars, in the capital city that uses a European plug.

  • Alexela will allow from the 15th of November until the 22nd of November (incl) to fill up with power free of charge, to celebrate the opening of the quick charging point 
  • The cost of power for driving 15 000 km per year is approx. 150 Euros

“Our aim is to continue developing alternative energy petrol station infrastructure, in accordance with general European trends. We have propelled the development of gaseous fuels in Estonia and the speed is only picking up. Today, we see that it is time to gear up, to another fuel source, in addition to gaseous ones - this time electrical“, said the AS Alexela chairman of the board, Aivo Adamson, about the opening of electricity tanking at Alexela.
The filling station in Tallinn, at Peterburi tee 77 is suitable for vehicles that use both the European (CCS) and Japanese (CHAdeMO) plugs. The charging point uses an Efacec quick charger, which allows for charging sufficient power, to drive 100 km in about ten minutes, depending on the vehicle.
“Such a quick charger, by nature, is suitable for all electrical cars and it brings joy that the first public CCS charger is finally available in Tallinn“, added Adamson. 
The payment solution for tanking electrical power at Alexela uses the Elektritransport web application.
Alexela is the first petrol and commercial station company in Estonia to install an electric car quick charger at its station. According to the Elektritransport OÜ board member Raul Potisepp, the new quick charger, with a CCS charging system, allows for charging up to 30% faster than with the aging ELMO quick chargers. That means, it takes 20 minutes to load as much power as formerly was possible in 30 minutes“, said Potisepp.

Alexela is an Estonian company that mainly deals in the field of energy. The company has a unique product portfolio in Estonia, which includes, electricity, natural gas, balloon gas, container gas and through 105 petrol stations throughout Estonia, also car fuels. Alexela, in addition, has 36 convenience stores. Alexela has been honoured with the title Friend of Culture, given by the Ministry of Culture. Alexela has given and continues to give power to many cultural and sports organisations, among them the Estonian Basketball Association, Estonian Equestrian Federation and the Tallinn International Horse Show, as well as the skiing association, Estonian Tennis Association, the Nordic Symphony Orchestra and the Alexela Concert Hall. The company employs more than 1 000 persons throughout Estonia.