As of May 01, 2018, when Estonia implemented the requirement to add biocomponents, all 95-octane petrol sold must contain approximately 4,7% of ethanol.

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As of May 01, 2018, all liquid fuel retailers are obliged to add biofuel to petrol and diesel fuel. The requirement aims to make transport sector and the fuel used environmentally more sustainable. In 2018, all fuel suppliers are obliged to add 3,1% of biofuels into following fuels: 95-octane petrol (based on fuel volume, about 4.7% ethanol is added to the 95-octane petrol) and diesel fuel (based on fuel volume, about 3.4% biodiesel is added to the diesel fuel). This obligation does not apply to 98-octane petrol fuel.

In 2018, car owners can fill up all types of vehicles

Note that although you may find a sign on the fuel door that does not recommended to fill up the vehicle with biofuel, it actually refers to fuels that consist of 100% of biofuel, i.e. without a drop of petrol or diesel. All car producers have confirmed that using fuel, which consists of up to 5% of ethanol or up to 7% of biofuel, are suitable for all passenger cars.

Estonian Association of Car Dealers and Service Companies (AMTEL) has concluded an overview of vehicles which are not recommended to fill up with fuel, which consists of over 5% of ethanol, but that will concern car owners in spring 2019, when the obligation to add biofuel will increase. More detailed information about the topic can be found on Road Administration homepage.

Will the obligation to add biofuel increase fuel prices?

The impact of biofuel on the fuel price at a filling station depends on the amount of added biofuel and the price of biofuel and conventional petrol and diesel fuel on the world market. Fortunately, obligation to add biofuel does not increase the price of petrol. On the other hand, it does affect the price of diesel fuel, due to higher price of biodiesel, which influences the price of diesel by approximately 0,5 cents a litre.

Fuel labels

It is important to note that during 2018 all fuel labels will stay unchanged due to the consistency of biofuel in 95-octane petrol and diesel fuel will be kept under 5%. Although, as of April 2019, when the obligation to add biofuel will increase over 5%, the labels will be replaced.