Together we will give strength to Estonian forests. The purpose of the community programme is to help reduce the ecological footprint that results from driving a car and do good for the nature. When you join our community programme, we will plant trees to Estonian forests on your behalf.


How can I contribute?


  1. Become a client of Alexela

  2. Join the Community programme 

    As a loyal customer of Alexela you can donate 1 cent of your loyalty discount for planting trees and Alexela will also add 1 cent on its behalf. For every gathered 0.25€, we will plant one tree to an Estonian forest.

  3. Buy fuel from Alexela and make your trees grow

    Welcome to our Community. Together we will now reduce the ecological footprint of all of us. Share this with your friends and invite them to join the programme.

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What is my role?

Your role as a client of Alexela is very important! By donating from your loyalty discount for planting trees, you will assist in improving the wellbeing of our environment and thereby reducing your ecological footprint. Alexela will add one cent for each litre of fuel you tanked on its own behalf. This way, our joint contribution for the environment will be greater. One tree costs 25 cents and you can plant as many trees as you like.

For example: Fuelling up 1 car tank means we will plant 4 new trees to the county of your preference. * The basis for the calculation is an average 50 litre car tank (0.5€ client’s contribution + 0.5€ Alexela’s contribution = 4 new trees).

Why trees?

The planting of trees is directly related to the wellbeing of the environment in addition to preserving the beloved greenness of our home area. An average size tree, growing up, is capable of destroying even close to 600 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere in its lifetime. In other words, trees stand for our pure nature like no one else!

Come and contribute


Alexela as a green innovator

Alexela has taken as an aim to become CO2 neutral in 2030 at the latest. We have set the development of environment conserving refuelling solutions as our main focus in order to meet the climate aims. Alexela, within the framework of the Community programme, made a gift of 10 trees to each of our employees for neutralising the company’s footprint. We also invite clients to do good for the environment together and also to reduce their ecological footprint.


Frequently asked questions

Planting new trees considerably helps to lower one’s carbon footprint that results from driving a car. We believe this is the chance for everyone to contribute to the reducing of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in the process of burning of fuels. A growing forest has the capacity to absorb carbon and produce oxygen. Thanks to photosynthesis, a medium sized tree can store over 600 kilograms of carbon within its lifetime and produce a two-year supply of oxygen needed per one person.

The purpose of the Alexela community programme is to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from travel kilometres. Calculations show that on average, one tree can reduce the carbon footprint of a car owner by 3700 kilometres during its life cycle.

Joining the programme is easy. If you fuel up in Alexela and you have joined or are applying to join our loyalty programme (you are the owner of the Home Card e.g. the Alexela loyalty card), you can activate the membership of the community programme on our website: After that, choose the county where you would like the trees earned from refuelling to be planted. You can start gathering trees to reduce your carbon footprint if you contribute 1 cent of your loyalty discount into the community programme. Alexela will also contribute the same amount – meaning that buying ca 14 litres of fuel will get you one tree. A tree costs 25 cents.

The tree species are selected to forest areas according to their growth conditions. The choice whether to choose container or bare-root plants is done by specialists and it depends on the conditions of the forest area. For grassland areas, larger bare-root trees are preferred.

The tree species are selected according to the peculiarities of the forest to be planted. The selection is done by a forest association.

The trees are planted by forest associations who are the contractual partners of Alexela. Alexela is currently cooperating with 4 forest associations: the non-profit association Joint Forest Owner’s, Vardi Forest Association, Rakvere Forest Association and the non-profit association Põlva County Forest Association. The activity areas of the associations cover the whole territory of Estonia.

The forest plants planted in Estonia have been grown in Estonia and/or from the Estonian forest seeds. Growing forest plants and using forest seeds is strictly regulated in Estonia. It is only allowed to plant trees that have grown from forest seeds from nearby areas.

Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall planting period.

According to the Forest Act and the Forest Management Regulation, private forest owners are responsible for the maintenance and management of the forests. Forest owners may perform regeneration felling only after the trees are fully grown. A fully grown forest is usually near its maximum capacity of carbon sequestration. Keeping a fully matured forest growing does not considerably increase the carbon absorption capacity of trees.

The trees are planted into the forests or land (grassland, low-value agricultural land) of private forest owners. This enables us to grow a lot of new forest in Estonia through our common contribution.

After planting the trees, the forest association forwards Alexela the exact locations and the number of the planted trees. At the moment, it is possible to display the location of the trees according to counties. We are working towards finding a technical solution that would enable to see the more accurate location of the planted trees.


The planting of trees is assisted by

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Experts recommend


Nature and sleep have a very similar effect on a person, offering a chance to switch off your mind from every day life. A well-rested state can only be achieved by having quality sleep, it's the same way with nature.

Ivo Linna

With even 14 litres of fuel you can plant one tree that sequesters 600kilograms of carbon dioxide that means as much as one average car that rides about 5000 kilometers.

Vladislav Koržets

Before it did not care from where I took my fuel, now it matters!

Taavi Ehrpais

Fakt, et Alexela kogukonnaprogrammi raames istutatakse puid ka kasutusest väljas olevatele põllumaadele loob kindlustunde, et ka järgnevad põlved saavad näha tervet ja tugevat metsa.



The invisible thread between Estonian people has shown that we can do a lot by contributing together. For me, Alexela's community program carries the same principle and energy of working together.


brand manager

We like to get a lot from nature, but an average person contributes little to the preservation of the environment around us. Alexela's community program provides an opportunity to do good for nature in the course of an ordinary activity such as refuelling a car. I recommend everyone to take this opportunity.


media specialist

Contributing to Alexela's community program is all about the “shoulder feeling” for me. It's good to know that in addition to me, there are thousands of people in Estonia who want to contribute to reducing their environmental footprint, and planting trees is a good way to do that.


The community program is still gaining momentum and I'm excited to see where the journey will lead.


financial advisor

For me, Alexela's community program is mainly characterized by care and responsibility. 


The community program could speak to people who understand that the planet Earth is not a wizard's sleeve, from where you can miraculously pull out various things. Giving back is also important.