Alexela offers gas for your car, home and industrial use.

Gas fuel is the easiest and fastest way to switch to cleaner energy consumption. Alexela establishes filling network in order to introduce environmentally friendly alternative fuels in transportation and develops gas terminals in Paldiski and Hamina (Finland), to reduce environmental impact of the energy sector.

Car gas
Gas is an excellent choice for a car fuel as it helps to save nature and significantly reduce expenses on fuel. Alexela´s assortment of products includes LPG, CNG/BCNG and LNG will soon be added also. Did you know that all Alexela CNG filling stations fill 100% Estonian origin biomethane?
Cylinder Gas
Our high-quality cylinder gas is easy to use. We offer household, gas for grilling and industrial use.
Natural gas
Natural gas is an affordable and environmentally sustainable fuel with high calorific value. Natural gas is one of the cheapest heating solutions, both in terms of running costs and as an initial investment.
Bulk gas
Bulk gas is environmentally sustainable energy source that does not contain heavy metals or lead that are dangerous to the surrounding nature or people. Compared to diesel fuel, bulk gas burns much cleaner, emitting 33% less carbon, which means much cleaner air to breathe!

Ask for more information:

Jürgo Anni
Jürgo Anni

Sales Manager of Gas Fuels

+372 511 5780

Innar Lätti
Innar Lätti

Sales Manager of Cylinder Gas

+372 5304 1601

Priidu Ahven
Priidu Ahven

Sales Manager

+372 5855 3210

Tanel Kolberg
Tanel Kolberg

Sales Manager of Gas Solutions

+372 5560 9942