Alexela CNG car gas will help you save up to 60% of fuel. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a compressed gas, which is more compressed than natural gas. Compressed gas is affordable and the most environmentally sustainable fuel. See the list of CNG filling stations here...


You would save up to 60% of fuel on the kilometres driven compared to petrol. This means that you will drive using CNG almost twice as much!

CNG contains higher octane rating, which improves engine performance, reduces wear and thus reduces maintenance expenses.

CNG emits up to 60% less carbon monoxide, 50% less hydrocarbons and 45% less nitrogen oxides compared to engines running on petrol. All this means that we will have much cleaner air to breath!

CNG tank is safer than those of petrol or diesel fuel. Gas tanks can withstand stronger impact and in case of leakage its safety valves close automatically.

Car that drives on car gas produces almost 40% less greenhouse gas emissions, thus you can contribute into saving the planet from climate warming.

All modern car producers offer vehicles and engines, which has been built to be run on gas. Every year, the number of car gas consumers worldwide rises by 15%. In Europe, this number is 40%.

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If in the old times, vehicles that drove on gas might have smelled of gas, then modern gas-powered vehicles are completely odourless. If you should smell gas when driving a modern gas-powered vehicle, take the car to the nearest service centre immediately.


Switching to gas fuel will reduce the capacity of your vehicle by a maximum of 2%. You won’t even notice it when driving on the streets. And by the way, there are some rally drivers, who race in a gas-powered engine.


Even though you equipped the vehicle with a CNG-device, it will still require petrol to start-up. The system will automatically switch to gas, when the engine has warmed up. If the vehicle will run out of gas, it will again automatically switch to petrol.


You can find CNG filling stations in all big cities in Estonia. Find out where they are here.


Refuelling is carried out under pressure and that is the only difference compared to refuelling a car with petrol. Connecting the nozzle to the refuelling opening is easy and does not require any force.

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