Home package

  • Exchange rate + margin 0

  • The price changes daily

  • Fixed monthly fee

  • Open-ended contract

  • Hot food, coffee, pastries in convenience stores permanently 15% off

  • Register as a loyal customer, get 5 cents off on fuel per litre

Monthly fee 3,55 €

Home Package is suitable for you if you want to manage your own consumption according to the exchange rates. 
The package allows you to benefit from cheaper price periods, but you must be prepared for more expensive price periods as well. The price in the exchange-priced package changes every day.
The price is based on exchange rates, which depend on the world market prices and the margin. The margin is zero and only a fixed monthly fee is added.

You can sign a new gas contract conveniently via self-service by selecting "Sign a contract" 
To change an existing contract, please contact us at