AdBlue is a safe, odourless and stable liquid meant for heavy-duty vehicles. The quality of AdBlue is guaranteed, it corresponds to the standard DIN 70070. AdBlue contains 32,5% carbamide derived from natural gas, which is dissolved in distilled water. Due to the heat and water of the truck exhaust system, carbamide breaks down into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxide produced from combustion of fuel is decomposed by the ammonia produced in the presence of oxygen and the reaction produces nitrogen and water. Since it is an aqueous solution, AdBlue freezes at -11.5°C, but the engine can still be started. AdBlue tank has a heating system installed by the car manufacturer that quickly heats up the fluid after the start-up.

Find out where can you refuel
Find out which Alexela filling stations have special AdBlue refuelling devices. You can pay for refuelling at the payment terminal using Alexela Payment Card, bank card or cash. AdBlue is also available at Alexela convenience stores in 10 litre cans.

AdBlue is designed to be used in the heavy-duty vehicles complying to Euro4 and Euro5 norms. Driving without AdBlue can destroy vehicle's catalytic converter and the exhaust fumes will not comply with established pollution standards. About 3-4% of AdBlue should be used in order to comply with Euro4 norms; and about 5-7% to comply with Euro5 norms. With a 4% ratio, about 40 litres of AdBlue is needed per 10000 litres of diesel. The amount of AdBlue depends on the consumption of diesel fuel. At the same time, enhanced combustion efficiency of the engine helps to reduce diesel consumption. AdBlue tanks mounted on trucks have a capacity of 60-120 litres.

Adblue safety card

AdBlue refuelling manual at Alexela automatic filling station:

  • Insert the card into the tank, enter your PIN code and choose AdBlue
  • Open AdBlue nozzle hatch and take the fuel nozzle
  • Put AdBlue nozzle into the AdBlue container of the vehicle and make sure that it reaches the end
  • Fill up
  • After filling up put AdBlue nozzle back to its place and make sure that the hatch has closed properly. This ensures that the machine will work next time you need it.