As of May 01, 2018, customers of Gaasienergia AS and Adven Eesti AS network services have a possibility to submit the readings of their gas meters on our website or by email. Please submit the readings of the ended month within the first three days of the following month.

Submit your reading

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If the meter reading is not submitted by the time of concluding bills, we will calculate a forecast reading and compile a forecast bill. The main basis for calculating the forecast is the previous consumption of gas at the place of consumption. Please note that the forecast often differs from real consumption.

From May 2018, Alexela will also issue bills for the natural gas network service of Adven Eesti. For Alexela's natural gas customers, we provide a joint bill for consumed natural gas and network service, highlighting separately Adven's network service components and costs. The due date for paying the bill is the 14th day of the month following the consumption and the default rate for overdue bills is 0.15% per day. The due amount is paid to Alexela's bank account, and we recommend ordering an e-bill and sign an e-bill fixed payment agreement for convenient billing.

In case of questions concerning submitting the meter readings and billing, please contact our customer support.