The Alexela gift card is a nice and practical present. You can order a gift card in a freely chosen sum (minimum value 20 euros). You can buy €20 and €50 gift cards also at Alexela filling stations.

To order a gift card please fill in the form below, write us an email at or call 6 290 000. If you order the gift card via email, please write down which value you are interested in buying and add your contact details. If you represent a legal person, please write down full details of the company. Let us know, if you wish to receive the gift card from Alexela’s office or by post as a registered letter (in this case please write down the correct address).

Order Alexela Gift Card


Once the gift card request has reached us, we will send an invoice to you and after you have paid that we will let you know when you will receive the gift card. When ordering a gift card, we recommend you take into account a waiting time of at least 7 working days. A gift card cannot be used together with Alexela Discount Card or Alexela’s cooperation partner’s loyalty card.