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The prices include excise tax, VAT and the stockpiling fee established by the laws of the Republic of Estonia, but do not include transport service.

* Delivery condition DDP Maardu

Alexela’s Fuel Taxi delivers diesel fuel conveniently to private house owners and companies of Tallinn and Harju County. In the choice of the vehicle of the Fuel Taxi we have been guided by the special needs of customers owning private houses: thanks to its small size and long hose the vehicle can service also in narrower and more difficult conditions.

The length of the car – 7.7 m, the width 2.6 m and height 3.4 m, the length of the hose 40 m. Payment can be made with an advance payment invoice or bank card.

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Alexela offers wholesale clients the possibility, in addition to purchasing fossil diesel fuel, to also purchase diesel fuels with bio-additives.

UCOME (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester):

UCOME biodiesel or used cooking oil methyl ester, is produced from used cooking oil. It is permitted to add up to 7% of UCOME biodiesel to diesel fuel, as well as it must be taken into consideration that diesel fuel, with UCOME content, is not suitable for long term storage. Those fuel consumers that store fuel for the purpose of using it, for example in reserve generators, should refrain from using diesel fuel with UCOME content. It may happen that diesel fuels with UCOME content may not be of quality, after a couple of months of storage and the functionality of the engine, might be impaired or the engine might not even start at all. There is however no need to worry, in the case of immediate use.

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil):

HVO biodiesel is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which can be produced from very different renewable raw materials, as well as residues and waste. There is a widespread false belief that FAME is first generation and HVO second generation biodiesel, but that is not correct. HVO biodiesel can also be first as well as second generation biodiesel. The difference is in that of which raw material the HVO is produced from. A second generation biodiesel is concerned, if HVO is produced from residues and waste and in other cases, a first generation HVO biodiesel is concerned, which has been decided to be restricted in Europe, resulting from the competition of the raw material, used in the production of first generation biodiesel, with the food table of humans.

The HVO biodiesel, unlike FAME and UCOME, has many advantages:

  • HVO biodiesel can be stored without problems, also for a longer period and that even in the case, when it is blended with fossil diesel fuel.
  • HVO biodiesel can be used in all diesel engines, blended with fossil diesel fuel, as well as not blended or as 100% HVO biodiesel. It must in the latter case correspond with the quality requirements for paraffin diesel fuel, presented in the standard EN 15940.
  • HVO biodiesel is also suitable for long term storage, blended with fossil diesel fuel, which results from that HVO biodiesel is also suitable for use in diesel engines, completely separately and without the need to mix it, with fossil diesel fuel.

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