We know what pure nature means to Estonians. We have decided to plant a tree for every inhabitant of Estonia in order to reduce the ecological footprint of all of us – so that it will go into the hearts of future generations to have the same love for our beautiful Nordic environment!



  1. Become a client of Alexela

    Create an account in the Alexela’s self-service environment – all sorts of energy will be cheaper for you as a loyal client. You can view the discounts of the Alexela Home Card here.

  2. Join the Community programme or buy your tree from our store

    To join or Community programme you have two options. As a loyal client of Alexela you will receive a discount of up to 5 cents per litre for each litre purchased and you can donate 1 cent of your discount for planting trees and Alexela will also add 1 cent on its behalf. The other option is to buy your tree from our store. Remember: 1 tree costs 25 cents.

  3. Buy fuel from Alexela and make your trees grow

    Select the future home of your tree in the Alexela self-service and share it with your friends.

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Every donation assists in planting even more trees in Estonia and reducing your ecological footprint. That is how simple it is!

we have achieved together

2 952

Kogukonna liiget

35 241

Istutatud puud

21 211.6 tonni

Vähem CO₂

Why trees?

The planting of trees is directly related to the wellbeing of the environment in addition to preserving the beloved greenness of our home area. Here is an example: You must plant 5 trees per year in order to neutralise the ecological footprint of the travelled kilometres if you drive 20 000 km per year on average with a car that consumes 7 litres per 100 km.* An average size tree, growing up, is capable of destroying even close to 600 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere in its lifetime. In other words, trees stand for our pure nature like no one else!

*Based on the data of the Estonian Private Forest Centre

What is my role?

Your role here as a client of Alexela is very important! By donating from your loyal client discount for planting trees, you will assist in improving the wellbeing of our environment and thereby reducing your ecological footprint. Alexela will add one cent for each litre of fuel you tanked on its own behalf. This way, our joint contribution for the environment will be greater. One tree costs 25 cents and you may plant as many trees as you like. On this page you will find three easy steps to get you started with planting trees!


Alexela has taken as an aim to become CO2 neutral in 2030 at the latest. We have set the development of environment conserving refuelling solutions as our main focus in order to meet the climate aims. Alexela, within the framework of the Community programme, made a gift of 10 trees to each of our employees for neutralising the company’s footprint. We also invite clients to do good for the environment together and also to reduce their ecological footprint.

the planting of trees is assisted by

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Experts recommend

Ivo Linna

With even 14 litres of fuel you can plant one tree that sequesters 600kilograms of carbon dioxide that means as much as one average car that rides about 5000 kilometers.

Vladislav Koržets

Before it did not care from where I took my fuel, now it matters!