Alexela Home Card is now in your mobile phone. Let’s make the world eco-friendlier by reducing the use of plastic cards and paper.
mTasku is a mobile wallet that helps you store all your bank cards and loyalty cards conveniently in one place. 

Why prefer mTasku?
•    Environmentally friendly - reduces the use of plastic cards and paper
•    Modern - encourages you to use modern payment solutions 
•    Easy to use - transactions with a few clicks
•    Convenient - all your bank and loyalty cards are always with you in your phone 

How to use mTasku?
Follow these easy steps:

  • Download the mTasku app and register as a user.
  • To add the Alexela Home Card to your mTasku app, click to the icon “Add Card” and find us from the list of customer cards. 
  • To add te card, tap the icon “Add card” and then tap "Payment card". Choose which type of card you wish to add and confirm your choice by clicking “Add”. 
  • In order to pay and get discounts, activate the QR-code scanner in your mTasku app and scan the code. You will find the QR-code from the fuel dispenser and the payment terminal. 
  • If you have multiple cards added to your mTasku app, choose a suitable card and confirm the payment by tapping the “Pay” button. 
  • You can access your past transactions by choosing “Transactions history” from the mTasku menu. From the detailed view, you can see all your electronic receipts (m-receipts). 

This is how easy it is!

Please be aware that the discounts that apply to the Alexela Home Card entered to the mTasku app will only be valid when you pay for the goods or services by using the mTasku app. 

The mTasku app can be used by Alexela Home Card users, the service is not available for the regularAlexela Payment card owners.
You will find more information about mTasku here.