We will bring a sparked charging station closer to you! 

Alexela offers its customers smart, future-proof chargers and charging solutions.

These chargers are ready for services that will be available in the future – for example, charging depending on the price of electricity, supplying a household with electricity from the car battery or recharging the electricity to the mains (V2G – Vehicle to Grid). Electric cars have yet to evolve to take advantage of these services offered by Alexela’s chargers. Every Alexela charger is suitable for charging all electric car and plug-in hybrid models. Therefore, when choosing a charger, you do not need to worry about which electric car you are buying today or in the future.


Let’s spark up
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Find closest electric car charging infrastucture
In addition to Alexela chargers, which also include first ultra-fast chargers in Estonia with a capacity of 160 kW, customers can also charge their electric car with VOLT chargers.

Transition to cleaner fuel

Alexela has taken a strong role and goal to be a pioneer of cleaner future fuels in Estonia and to develop electricity charging infrastructure in accordance with the general European direction. 

Alexela is the first company engaged in fuel and filling station trade in Estonia to install electric car charging points in its two filling stations. In November 2019, Alexela was the first filling station to install an electric car fast charger to its filling station at 77 Peterburi Street in Tallinn. In March 2020, Alexela installed charging points with a capacity of 160 kW and 50 kW to its filling station on Paia crossing.

Charging points are installed in cooperation with Enefit VOLT to several filling stations across Estonia.

Charging an electric car is also much cheaper solution compared to filling petrol and diesel fuels. Charging an electric car for 100km will cost you only 4.8 EUR if the electricity consumption of the electric car is 20kWh / 100km

Charging point payment solution

Customers can pay for charging their vehicle at Paia and Peterburi Street charging points using Eleport account.

How to charge?

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  • When charging electricity, identify yourself as an Eleport customer. 
  • Drive safely!