Alexela Home package + combined bill including Elektrilevi network service

  • Exchange price + zero margin

  • You will manage your consumption

  • Combined bill including Elektrilevi service

Margin 0,00 s/kWh
Eelmise kuu keskmine börsihind 7,90 s/kWh
Monthly fee 3,99 €

In the Alexela Home package, the price of electricity depends on the exchange price. The package is for you if you wish to manage your consumption according to exchange prices. The package allows you to benefit from periods that have lower prices but you must also be prepared for the more expensive price periods. With the Home package, the electricity margin is 0 (depending on the package, a monthly fee will be added). To keep an eye on the exchange prices, we will send you notifications and you can conveniently monitor your consumption in our   mobile appThe package also contains a combined bill including the Elektrilevi network service. Combined billing makes invoicing easier as two separate bills are joined and presented as one.