If you wish to order a large amount of fuel, we will be happy to make you an offer. The wholesale Fuel Taxi will arrive at the address indicated by the customer. The unloading is carried out into the customer´s tank.

Wholesales prices

Wholesale prices are indicated per litre and apply only on 27.02.2020

Fuel sign Fuel Price
D Diesel Fuel winter grade 1 (in Tallinn)* 1,217
D Diesel Fuel winter grade 2* 1,225
EDK Diesel Fuel carrying a fiscal marker grade 1 (in Tallinn)* 0,750

All the motor fuels sold at Alexela are biomass free.

The prices include excise tax, VAT and the stockpiling fee established by the laws of the Republic of Estonia, but do not include transport service.

* Delivery condition DDP Maardu

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+372 6290 002


Marek Miller
Marek Miller

Chief Sales Officer

+372 512 7601


Olavi Maaring
Olavi Maaring

Sales Manager, incl fuel tenders

+372 5563 3304


Alpar Viks
Alpar Viks

Sales manager, incl gas solutions

+372 527 5538