Alexela as Employer

More than 1000 people all over Estonia work in Alexela Group’s companies, the majority of them in Ida-Viru County (Sillamäe and Kiviõli) and in Harju County (Paldiski). Although the history, areas of activity, and size of the group’s companies are different, valuing the people who work in them is a property for all of them. We make the most of the synergy between group companies and encourage people to cooperate across the group. Staff turnover is very small in our companies.

We recruit the best

The staff policy of Alexela Group is based on recruiting the best employees for the achievement of the group’s goals and motivating them to give their maximum and strive to achieve ambitious goals.

People who can (have the abilities and skills), want (are committed to their work) and achieve (their performance is outstanding) are welcome in our company.

We value and care for our people

The remuneration policy of Alexela Group is fair and based on performance. We value long-term commitment and loyalty, and we value people in all positions and notice both small and big successes.

Alexela Group values self-improvement and lifelong development. We offer our employees opportunities to attend in-service training courses to further their professional development. We also encourage taking part in training that supports personal development and value the personal lives of our employees.